10 Questions: Kelcee Clark, '13

It’s a bit dreary here today… chilly, overcast, windy, no blue in the sky whatsoever. In short, a typical summer day in San Francisco. To brighten our day, here is another set of responses to our “10 Questions” from recent alum (and gainfully-employed-right-after-graduating-alum) Kelcee Clark!

2013 COMS graduate Kelcee

2013 COMS graduate Kelcee

#1: What is your favorite memory from USF?

It is so hard to choose just one memory out of all four years at USF, but I would probably say learning about the city and exploring it for the first time with new friends Freshman year. It is so funny to look back to those times when everything was new and unknown. Those were some of the best memories for me.

#2: What are you most proud of during your college career?

Second semester Senior year, I submitted a paper from my Family Comm class to CARD (Creative Activity and Research Day) at USF and exhibited a poster of my study and findings. I had wanted to present at a conference but my paper wasn’t accepted, so I kind of did this as a second choice. But my project won best undergrad poster out of all projects exhibited that day! I was shocked! I would definitely say that it something I am very proud of. Also being awarded Cum Laude (on my degree but not at graduation… Darn that rule of it being your GPA prior to the addition of your last semester grades!)

#3: What will you miss most about college?

I will so miss having breaks. I don’t think I valued that while in school as much as I should have. Once you graduate and start working, those breaks are no more so soak it up as much as possible! Also I will miss the interesting classes I was able to take (not so much the homework associated with the classes…) as a part of the COMS major.

#4: What was your favorite thing about being a Communication Studies major?

I guess I semi answered this just above but definitely the awesome classes and professors! I really did enjoy all of my COMS classes, and it was so great to figure out the style of COMS that interested me and be able to focus on that path. Especially during Junior and Senior year when you have completed all your cores, you can just focus on the classes that interest you and teach you what you need to know for your career.

#5: What, if anything, would you have done differently if you were starting your college career over again?

That’s a tough question, because anything I did in college that maybe was not the best choice or decision ended up teaching me something or bettering me in someway. But looking back on it, I would try to see even more of the city. Since I was depending on MUNI primarily, I think I kind of stayed more local to where I was living because it was easier than taking a long MUNI ride but there is so much to explore in SF and so many amazing neighborhoods to see, it is worth the trip.

#6: What advice do you have for students in their first or second year of college?

Start your internships and volunteer work EARLY. I worked at a restaurant for a year during college and although I made good money working there, it is not something I even put on my resume and it is a substantial amount of time I could have/should had been using to position myself better for career opportunities. I didn’t start making those moves until Senior year which is about two years too late. Fortunately it worked okay for me (I got a full time job 3 days after graduation!) but I was definitely nervous as I started the job search because I didn’t think my resume looked extensive enough.

#7: What are you most excited for as you start this next phase of your life after graduation?

I already love my job as an office assistant at private K-8th grade school in Portland, and am really excited to grow in this new environment. I am so happy with where post-grad life has taken me so far and am ready to settle into this new life!

#8: What do you hope to be doing five years from now?

I hope to be happily working at the same job I am at now, living in an apartment in Portland and feel established in my career. Crazy that in only five years I will be almost 28…!!!

#9: How are you different now than when you first started at USF?

I definitely have more direction than when I first started at USF. I was not sure what I wanted to do, or why I chose COMS as my major. I am very glad I unknowingly chose the degree that I feel truly prepared me for my future.

#10: What three words describe your current feelings about graduation?

Relief, Gratification, Anxiety


Thanks, Kelcee, for sharing your thoughts about graduation and your advice! We are so proud of you!