New Student Chronicles: Kianna Fernandez

I am happy to be back to the blog after some unintended time away and I am excited today to introduce one of our new Communication Studies majors, Kianna Fernandez. Kianna has agreed to be a guest blogger and share her thoughts during her first semester here at USF! Here she is…

“Hey everybody, I’m Kianna Fernandez from the small town of ‘livable, lovable, Lodi’ (as we call it) two hours East of San Francisco. For years I had eagerly waited for the moment I would be on my own, out of a small town and into a new world I’d get to discover myself. It was not until I had my dad’s truck piled high with boxes of clothes, okay probably too many clothes, shoes, oh ya and school supplies (that’s what college is really for right?) that I realized how fast the time had really gone!!

New COMS major Kianna

New COMS major Kianna

Like any freshman leaving home for the first time, I grew somewhat anxious of the new life I would live on my own. Yes, there were countless tears shed in my first weekend here as I said goodbye to my two younger brothers and my parents. That’s normal…there’s beauty in knowing you have something so special it makes saying goodbye so hard. Don’t forget though, college is pretty special too.

Through my first few weeks, I’ve learned the importance of branching out; leave your comfort zone- try out the new exercise class at the gym, meet a friend who lives across the hall, try every food imaginable at the café, and most importantly, challenge yourself in and outside the classroom to question and explore everything.

The University of San Francisco boasts a diverse, lively playground many people travel around the world to experience.

I’m lucky enough to call San Francisco my home. Take advantage of everything this city has to offer. Ride Muni for the first time during rush hour, packed like sardines, laughing with your new family the whole way. Go to Union Square and take touristy pictures with the hearts on every corner. Ride to Fishermen’s Wharf twice in one day to enjoy a clam chowder bread bowl for lunch and a Ghirardelli mint chocolate chip sundae for dessert. (Just watch out for the seagulls…they’re smarter than they look and have quite the obsession with seafood as my friend sadly found out).

Kianna and her new USF friends... Go Dons!

Kianna and her new USF friends… Go Dons!

Already, San Francisco has become my home and people I just met over a week ago quickly became family. I once read a quote (sad to admit I’m Pinterest obsessed) ‘sometimes it’s good to pause in our pursuit of happiness and just be happy.’  Right now…in this moment, in my dream city, on this too-amazing-for-words campus I’m happy.

Take every moment and make it worth remembering…go on the Welcome Weekend trips to Union Square or Walking the Golden Gate Bridge, watch Family Feud in the lounge, laugh until your abs hurt, scream with your roommate about how Ezra Fitz couldn’t possibly be A after watching the Pretty Little Liars season finale. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity, so make the most out of every second, because sometimes, if you’re lucky enough your reality will finally become better than your dreams.”

Thanks Kianna! We’re so glad you are enjoying your first few months here at USF! We’ll check in with Kianna again later in the semester.


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