The New Student Chronicles: Kelsey Duff, Ch. 2

It’s time to check in with our guest new student blogger, Kelsey!

“Hey everyone!  I hope you have all enjoyed your school so far! The semester is coming close to an end, and Winter Break is just around the corner! It’s crazy to think that were already picking out our classes for next semester. Since the last time I wrote to you all so much has happened and there have been many more parts of San Francisco that I have gotten to see and enjoy.


One of my new favorite places to go off campus is Haight Ashbury Street. There are so many cool shops and restaurants that are to die for! At Haight Ashbury you can find one of a kind art as well as clothing. Many people love their consignment shops and thrift stores and always hope to find a hidden treasure in the stores. I myself found a really cool skirt for only twenty dollars! The prices are definitely reasonable and are always finding a good deal!

For October break my roommates and I decided that we should explore the city! So since I had yet to actually see the Golden Gate Bridge up close and personal we decided to go to Baker Beach! The view is impeccable and it’s understandable why people travel all over the world to see the view. We also have explored other various parts of the city such as Union Square and the light show at the Bay Bridge. A huge recommendation I have is going on the Duck Tours! It can truly bring out the kid in you, and you get to learn a lot about the history of San Francisco. When you’re all done you can have bread bowl and chowder at fisherman’s what’s not to love?


I’m sure you all must have had a fun Halloween! The thrill of figuring out what to wear and what character you will be is tons of fun and also brings out the creativity and imagination in every college student! Hayes-Healey actually hosted a get together and a photo shoot for all of the students in the dorm. It was a blast and the photos came out great!


Now I know we are all getting excited that Thanksgiving is here and soon enough so will Winter Break! I hope all of you have a wonderful holiday and look forward to talking to you guys soon! Happy Holidays!

-Kelsey Duff”



Communication Studies Fondues: COMS Students in the Chronicle!

Students in Professor DeLaure’s COMS 335: Rhetoric of Social Movements course got a unique visitor to class last week: A photographer from the San Francisco Chronicle! The Chronicle is doing a series of reports on the hills of San Francisco and our very own Lone Mountain made the cut!

Check out the complete article and all of the photos here: http://www.sfgate.com/default/article/USF-s-Lone-Mountain-no-longer-a-place-apart-4978866.php#photo-5454843


Professor DeLaure teaching Rhetoric of Social Movements in Lone Mountain


COMS majors Joseph Nufable and Ajouni Singh, listening intently!


Dons' Doings: Pie Day TOMORROW in Lo Schiavo Plaza!

All of you fellow USFers with a sweet tooth (sweet teeth?) rejoice! Why? Tomorrow is PIE DAY, our twice yearly event when Lambda Pi Eta members sell slices of homemade pies as a fundraiser for our club. Tomorrow during deadhour (11:45-12:45) our Lambda Pi Eta members will be in Lo Schiavo Plaza awaiting your sweet teeth!

This year, a portion of our proceeds will be donated to help with the relief efforts for Typhoon Haiyan. As you already know, this was a terrible typhoon that hit the Philippines recently. We have many students with family and friends in the Philippines who need our help, so please come by and buy a slice of pie to help!

Don’t you want to be able to say “I ate a pie with Lambda Pi Eta!”? We hope to see you there!



Dons' Doings: Activism Then and Now

One of our very own Communication Studies majors, Victor Valle, has organized an event coming up this Thursday! Here are all of the details…

Activism: Then and Now

THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 14 @ 6PM on UC 4th Floor
With the rise of new technologies and our heightened ability to communicate, how has Activism changed over the past several decades?  Join us for a panel discussion with 3 leading change-makers, from Civil Rights veterans to Hip Hop educators.  We’ll be discussing the history of activism, the work each individual does, the lessons we can take from social movements and activists in the past, and what the state of activism is today. Light snacks will be served!
Featured speakers:

PHIL HUTCHINGS was active in the Freedom movements in the 1960’s. He was a field secretary for the Student Non-violent Coordinating Committee (SNCC) in Newark, NJ and then took over from H. Rap Brown as national chairman of SNCC between 1968-69. Since that period he has been a community organizer and educator.

JAVIER REYES is a Black Puerto Rican actor, writer, activist, and entrepreneur from San Francisco. Cofounder and artistic director of Colored Ink, he is also the project coordinator of Two Generations, One Heartbeat.

SHANELL WILLIAMS is a receiver of the “Local Hero” award from the San Francisco Bay Guardian as well as a Student Trustee at the City College of San Francisco, the Norther Region Chair of the Black Caucus for the Student Senate for California Community Colleges, and many other positions relating to education and social justice.

Sponsored by the Intercultural Center, the Gender and Sexuality Center, the Department of Sociology, the Department of
Communication Studies, and the San Francisco Freedom School.



Dons' Doings: Communication Studies Career Night this Wednesday, 11/6!

One of the most frequent questions faculty in our major hear is “What can I do with a Communication Studies major?” Well, that and “Will this be on the exam?” This Wednesday we have eight alums who will be on campus to help answer that very question!  (The first one). We are hosting our 6th Annual Communication Studies Career Night! The event will take place in ED 203 from 6:30-8:30 pm. Our alums will talk about their career paths and how they use their COMS degree in their current positions. Get the inside scoop on what you should be doing while you are here to best position yourself for a job after graduation. It is a great opportunity to network with our alumni and with other majors!

Here is our lineup for Wednesday’s event:

Lindsay Sutherland, '09 DPEM

Lindsay Sutherland, ’09



Alyssa Micciche, ’13


3ca73ddAli Wasserman, ’11

Dome Construction

3d3f297Nikka Suleymanova, ’13


28da070Ryan Lennox, ’12


37ee37fDaniel Sherman, ’11

Restoration Hardware

165d8c7Sarah Manning, ’12



Emma Gallagher, ’11



The event is open to all Communication Studies majors and is sponsored by the Department of Communication Studies and Lambda Pi Eta. Light refreshments will be served. We hope to see you there!