Academic Trivia: How do I wear my graduation regalia?

We are back today with what has historically been the most popular post on our COMS Department Blog! Today we are answering the burning question for all of you soon-to-be-graduates out there: How do I correctly wear my graduation regalia? Or, as I like to think of it: Fashion Police: Graduation Edition!

A bit of information before we get started:

There are three main pieces to your graduation regalia, all of which are sometimes worn incorrectly (by both students and professors!):

  • The robe itself. Yes, it should ideally be wrinkle-free. Bonus trivia: Did you know your robe signifies the degree you are earning? The size and shape of the sleeves and whether there is any velvet trim indicate whether you are receiving a BA, MA, or PhD. As well, the color of the robe can indicate the academic institution granting the degree (but not always).
  • The hood. It can’t actually be worn as a hood, but it is called a hood nonetheless. The hood signifies many important things: your degree, area of study, and academic institution (more on this later).
  • The mortar board (that’s the fancy name for your graduation cap). These can also be different based on the degree being awarded.

Graduating COMS majors Laura Moy and Kim Louie answered my call and kindly agreed to model our DOs and DON’Ts!

Here we go, with the DON’Ts first…

DON’T #1: Don’t wear your hood upside down!

Oh Kim! That hood is all wrong!

Oh Kim! That hood is all wrong!

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