Plan A: Paige at YouCaring

I’m excited today to share a blog post in a category we haven’t featured for awhile… “Plan A.”

“Plan A” highlights students who have a job lined up before graduation! I know that when you are a graduating senior, it can seem like everyone else has their life after graduation all figured out. Not true! Most people don’t! But there are a few, like newly minted alum Paige Kutilek, who had a job lined up before graduation, and I think it can be helpful to hear how they did it! So I asked Paige to fill us in…

USF COMS alum and YouCaring Associate Content Manager Paige

USF COMS alum and YouCaring Associate Content Manager Paige

“I started working at YouCaring in May of 2015. YouCaring is a crowdfunding website for humanitarian purposes based in downtown San Francisco. As a junior I was aware that it was time to start getting some hands on job experience so I signed up for the Communication Studies Internship class over the summer. I have always loved to write so I decided to look for a position in that field. As luck would have it YouCaring was the first company I applied to and interviewed for, and within a week I had the job. And for the past year I have been working on the Marketing Team and as a Content Creator intern. This means I create different pieces of media that relate to our site, most notably writing blogs and producing videos.

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