Faculty Feats: Macro Jacquemet by Adam Kelly

Faculty Feats: Macro Jacquemet

By Adam Kelly, Senior Communication Studies Major

Professor Marco Jacquemet Speaks on His Time in Bologna, Italy


On Tuesday, Oct. 31, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Professor Jacquemet and got to discuss one of his recent journeys outside of the Bay Area. For his students and advisees, both of which include myself, many of us have noticed Professor Jacquemet has been in and out of the country this past month. No, he isn’t taking time off for leisure. Rather he was asked to give a keynote at the International Association of Discourse Analysis (IADA) in Bologna, Italy on Oct. 17.


Q: So, Professor Jacquemet, what did you do while you were out in Italy the other week?

A: I was invited to present the keynote presentation at the IADA conference, which stands for International Association of Discourse Analysis. The presentation was on the language and intersection of mobile people and global media.

Q: How many people were in attendance for the conference?

A: The conference consisted of 450 people from 50 different countries.

Q: What exactly was your keynote about, and how long it was?

A: The keynote was around an hour long, and it discussed some main points from my  “Transidiomatic Practices” piece, the journal Language and Communication, which is about the study of language in the intersection between mobile people and digital media.

Q: How do you get invited to speak at these events?

A: I have received a lot of recognition for writing this piece in particular, and these conferences reach out to me to give my insight on my work at these events.

Q: Out of my own curiosity, what does a keynote speaker like yourself do during a huge conference, besides speaking to a huge crowd of people about this international discourse?

A: I was able to attend multiple panels on discourse, notably the one on asylum proceedings, which was the most interesting in my opinion.

Q:  Last question, I noticed you said you were going to be missing class again towards the end of the semester due to another event, when and where are you going?

A: At the end of this month, I will be attending the American Anthropological Association conference in Washington, D.C., where I will present on Donald Trump. The name of the presentation is “45 as a Bullshit Artist” and it is in a two-hour panel of five speakers called “Trump and Truth.”


Unfortunately, for all of his students, Professor Jacquemet will be missing a few days of class due to the fact he is to deliver his lecture in Washington, D.C. So, if you miss him that much, go fly out and attend the American Anthropological Association conference with him! (Don’t actually do that, school is more important.) We all wish Professor Jacquemet the best in his future journeys, as he even mentioned that he will be attending a handful of international conferences to give even more speeches in the upcoming year. Good luck in your future endeavors Professor Jacquemet!






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