Welcome to the blog sponsored by the Center for Research, Artistic, and Scholarly Excellence (CRASE) where researchers, scholars, and artists provide their expertise, opinions, and insights into some of the most relevant issues of our times. We hope that the blog entries engage, provoke, and even entertain you. Our blog is written for a wide range of audiences interested in exchanging and wrestling with big ideas and urgent social issues. Some of our blog posts will also feature the exciting and meaningful work at the University of San Francisco.

Why a CRASE Blog?

Many ideas communicated in traditional academic platforms must adhere to rigid structures, specific writing styles, and lots of jargon. Although these conventions may be appropriate for exchanging information with other academics within our respective disciplines, the audience is often limited to our narrow fields. The CRASE blog is an opportunity to participate in and reframe the public debate across a range of social, political, cultural, scientific, and artistic issues that influence and shape policies, current thinking, and creative expression. At CRASE, we want to re-capture the spirit and curiosity we all had when we embarked on our academic careers. We loved talking about and exploring different perspectives, innovative methods, and new ideas related to research and scholarship and we still do. The CRASE blog is a virtual cafe where you can read, think, and even respond to the ideas presented. Consider the blog as a venue with the freedom to communicate and exchange your ideas with passion and creativity. Let’s start conversations here and see where they take us.