Kickoff Event
2/11 3-5 pm, MC 251-252

Blog Workshop
2/17 12pm-3pm, UC 402/403
For this workshop, bring your laptop and begin your new writing projects! We will consider methods to engage through op-eds, feature stories, personal blogs, and even social media. You will get plenty of tips and ideas and you will have time to brainstorm, develop ideas, and begin writing.

GIS Workshop
2/25 9am-1pm, Geospatial Analysis Lab Harney 104
During this hands-on workshop, USF faculty learned the basics of GIS, an analysis of what can be done with GIS. examples of simple overlay project, and description of available datasets. Members of the course also learned about GIS resources for faculty and developed a proposal for a project related to their research.

Saturday All-Day Writing Event
2/27 9am-5pm, UC 222

Online Writing Challenge
Faculty wrote 30 minutes a day for 14 days, received daily reminder emails, and shared their progress with other participants.

Salon Event: Identity Representation and Global Politics
3/23 3-5 pm, Zief Law Library
The disciplinary frameworks we employ to analyze the politics of identity and ethics of representation differ. The confluence of mass media renderings of Muslims, post 1990’s feminist ideology, as well as the rise of confessional narratives has created a gendered American Muslim representation that is worthy of critical examination. This broad discussion invoked the works of Foucault, Judith Butler, and Erving Goffman.

This provocative and thoughtful event discussed Muslim self-narration after 9/11 as analyzed in a co-authored article by Aysha Hidayatullah, Department of Theology and Religious Studies, and Taymiya Zaman, Department of History. Commentary by scholars from multiple fields were featured along with an open discussion.

GIS Boot Camp
4/1 9am-5pm, Geospatial Analysis Lab Harney 104
Faculty members were exposed to a variety of GIS formats. In addition, they learned how to import files into ESRI products and they learned how to do the most common geospatial processes. At the end of the class, attendees produced a map and used the tools, buttons and datasets common to most GIS projects.

Turning Teaching into Publication
4/5 3-4pm, FR 110 – Maier Room

Turning Teaching into Publication
4/6 3-4pm, MC 251
In collaboration with the CTE. Faculty learned about publishing their teaching practices from people with experience.

All-Day Writing Event
4/8 Friday, 9am-5pm, Zief Law Library

GIS Boot Camp
4/15 9am-5pm, Geospatial Analysis Lab Harney 104
Faculty members were exposed to a variety of GIS formats. In addition, they learned how to import files into ESRI products and they learned how to do the most common geospatial processes. At the end of the class, attendees produced a map and used the tools, buttons and datasets common to most GIS projects.

5/5 Academic Social Media for Faculty, 10 am-12 pm, CIT Wireless Lab
The Academic Social Media Workshop provides training and support for faculty to create and build their academic profiles on Research Gate,, and Google Scholar.

All-Day Writing Event
5/19 9am-5pm, Malloy Hall 405

USF for Freedom: A Symposium on Refugees, Forced Migrants, and Human Security
5/23 1–6 p.m.

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The CRASE OpEd Project
Wednesday 5/26–Thursday 5/27

At the end of Spring 2016 semester, 20 faculty members from each school and college participated in the CRASE OpEd Project where they developed ideas for public scholarship by considering evidence-based arguments that are timely and have public value. During the two day workshop, participants learned about establishing credibility, structures of op-eds, and tips on refining and pitching their ideas.

Scholar Activist Writing Group
Tuesday March 21st 11-1pm Zief Law Library – Terrace Room
Tuesday 4/18 11-1pm UC 402/403

In the current presidential administration, CRASE recognizes the need for research and scholarly activism that confronts and advocates for urgent social issues. The CRASE monthly Scholar Activist Writing Group provided space for producing public scholarship such as op-eds and blog writing. New and seasoned writers were invited to collectivize around issues emergent from the incoming presidential administration. During the two-hour session, writers pitched and drafted ideas and received feedback. Brief discussion sessions focused on how to best communicate advocacy in the form of public scholarship and guidance for the submission process.

Spring All-Day Writing Events
Friday April 28 9 a.m.–5 p.m. Zief Law Library – 201 Terrace Room
Thursday May 11 9 a.m.–5 p.m. Zief Law Library – 201 Terrace Room

For each hour faculty wrote for 45 minutes and take a 15-minute break

A Time to Break Silence: Resisting Islamophobia in the Trump Era
Tuesday, April 4 11:30 a.m.-7 p.m.
University of San Francisco Fromm Hall – Maraschi Room

Students, faculty, staff and community members attended a daylong symposium aimed at educating and equipping all of us with effective tools for civic engagement. The event coincided with the 50th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King’s historic speech “Beyond Vietnam: A Time to Break Silence”. It was inspired from Dr. King’s powerful words to address a range of topics including the recent Muslim Travel Ban, American citizenship, global terrorism, experiences of Muslim diasporas, and global and local responses to Trump administration’s rhetoric.

More information >

Spring Break Online Writing Challenge
March 6-17

This community-oriented event connected USF faculty to meet their writing goals. During this event, faculty received daily reminder emails with tips and tricks, wrote for 20-30 minutes a day for ten days, and shared their progress with others participating in the challenge.

Words of Wisdom: Art + Architecture Faculty Speak About Mentorship and Teaching
Thursday 3/9
Conversation 3–4 p.m. McLaren 250
Reception 4–5 p.m. Thacher Gallery

Noopur Agarwal; Arturo Araujo, S.J.; Liat Berdugo; Eric Hongisto; and Seth Wachtel discussed the important mentors in their lives and the ways in which these mentors helped to guide their art and teaching practices. The conversation explored the different aspects and challenges of mentorship from the perspective of students as well as teachers.

Introduction to Tableau for Faculty
Wednesday 3/1 1 p.m. – 3 p.m.
Education Building – 002 – CIT PC Computer Lab

This interactive session is an introduction to Tableau, a software program that helps people see and understand large data sets. Participants learned principles of creating and evaluating effective data, software tools to create data visualizations, and how to apply visualization techniques to a problem and associated data set. These skills help with interpreting analytical results in terms of a larger context and identifying and prioritizing issues. Refreshments will be provided. Professor Mouwafac Sidaoui has extensive experience teaching quantitative analysis and decision modeling.

Creating Research Surveys Using Qualtrics
Thursday, March 2 10–11:30 a.m.

Interested in creating surveys for your research but do not know how to do it? Qualtrics is a free software program that allows you to create surveys quickly and easily using different types of questions and options for distribution. This workshop wass a collaboration with CIT and refreshments will be served.

Deadline for Interdisciplinary Action Group Grant: Implications of the Incoming Trump Presidential Administration
Friday 2/17 5 p.m.

Teams of faculty proposed a three to four month project with a specific, high impact outcome that provides new ideas, strategies, and possibilities addressing a social problem. Each team will be expected to share their project with the USF community, key stakeholders, and the public in the form of talks, written materials, or other avenues. Specific outcomes must contribute to the public debate concerning the issue and may include one of the following: writing a policy brief, position paper, presentation to the community, or publication. Two grant awards of up to $3,000 will be awarded in spring 2017.

No-Shame Stats Refresher
Friday 2/17 11:45 a.m. – 3 p.m.

This workshop is designed for faculty who are familiar with statistics, through graduate school or research literature, but need a refresher on key concepts and an update on the latest procedures. Some of the statistics discussed included: Correlation models, chi-square, ANOVA, MANOVA, regression, t-tests, and factor analysis. Professor Hsiu-Lan Cheng has taught all levels of statistical analysis and will pace the workshop according to interest and need.

Developing a Five-Year Plan for Faculty
Monday 2/6 10 a.m. – 12 p.m.
Malloy Hall 405

This interactive workshop, designed for early-career faculty, provided a framework and tools to create a five-year plan to help you achieve your professional goals in the academy. The workshop was facilitated by Michelle Millar, Associate Professor in the School of Management and Genevieve Negrón-Gonzales, Assistant Professor in the School of Education.

Saturday All-Day Writing Event with Editor
Saturday 2/4 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Zief Law Library – Terrace Room

During this All-Day Writing Event, participants had the opportunity to work with an editor for a 20-minute session. As usual, for each hour faculty wrote for 45 minutes and take a 15-minute break, and throughout the day, participants met with the editor for feedback.

Negotiating Book Contracts
Friday 2/3 1 p.m. – 3 p.m.
Fromm – Maier Room

During this panel discussion, Professors Monisha Bajaj (International and Multicultural Education), Keally McBride (Politics), Dean Rader (English), and Manuel Vargas (Philosophy) shared strategies for negotiating a book contract from start to finish.

Publishing in Open Access Journals
Thursday 10/27 11:45 a.m. – 12:45 p.m.
Gleeson Library 209

In partnership with Gleeson Library | Geschke Center, Charlotte Roh discussed open access journals, the scholarly publishing ecosystem, and how to search and vet journals and publishers.

Beyond the Headlines: An In-Depth Conversation About the 2016 Presidential Election
Thursday 11/3 3 p.m. – 4:30 p.m.
Gleeson Library – GL 145 – Monihan Atrium

Dean Elizabeth Davis, Professor James Taylor, Dean John Trasviña, and San Francisco Republican Chairman Jason Clark discussed challenges facing the United States, the changing electorate, and candidates’ national strategy and global leadership skills. University of San Francisco President Father Paul Fitzgerald introduced the participants, and the event was moderated by Judy Campbell, producer for KQED Forum. A Q&A followed the conversation.

Intersectional Identities and the Art of Jamil Hellu
Thursday 10/20 3 p.m. – 4:30 p.m
Gleeson Library Thacher Gallery

For the closing of Once Upon a Time by Jamil Hellu, the USF Center for Research, Artistic, and Scholarly Excellence (CRASE) and Thacher Gallery featured written reflections of USF faculty members on a lenticular image created by Hellu. Their responses, which range from personal reflection to academic scholarship, explore the concept of intersectionality. A reception in the gallery followed the readings.

CRASE GIS Intensive Workshop
Friday 10/21 9 a.m. – 4 p.m
Harney 104 Geospatial Analysis Lab

CRASE collaborated with the Geospatial Analysis Lab (GsAL) to offer an intensive all day geographic information system (GIS) training for faculty on Friday October 21st. During this workshop, faculty worked one-on-one with advanced GIS students to enrich their research using geospatial technologies and tools.

Turning Teaching into Publication
Wednesday 10/5 12 p.m.–3 p.m.
McLaren 251

In this workshop, faculty learned different strategies for how to publish their pedagogical innovations. Faculty structured, developed, and started to draft their manuscripts ideas and received constructive feedback. Journals suitable for pedagogical publications were provided.

Corporate and Foundation Relations Concept Paper Workshop
Thursday 9/29 2 p.m. – 4 p.m.
Malloy 405 – Telepresence Conference Room

Find out how Corporate and Foundation Relations can help you find funding for your project. During this interactive workshop, you will brainstorm ideas for your projects and learn more about concepts papers.

Plan Your Semester
Tuesday 9/7 2:30 –4 p.m.
University Center 402/403

During this workshop, faculty created a specific plan to accomplish their research and writing goals. Useful strategies for how to balance professional and personal goals were provided.

Summer All-Day Writing Events
Thursday 7/14 9 a.m.–5 p.m.
Thursday 8/4 9 a.m.–5 p.m.
Zief Law Library – Terrace Room

Going Public With It: Blogging and Advocacy for Social Justice
Tuesday 6/21 10 a.m.–1 p.m.
Zief Law Library – Terrace Room

In this workshop, Huffington Post blogger and USF Professor Rick Ayers shared writing prompts and exercises to break writers block, to connect with readers, and to promote extended public discourse in crucial issues.

CRASE Writer’s Block Challenge
Monday 6/6–Friday 6/10
Start your summer with five days of writing challenges to help develop strategies and clear through writer’s block to work toward your summer writing goals.