Our Mission

As part of a three-year initiative and book project on women and Catholic social thought, the Lane Center at the University of San Francisco has created this blog to highlight a cross-generational dialogue on gender, faith and justice.

Youth-led movements to address climate change and gun violence reveal the passion and power among young people to name and respond to the signs of the times. The Catholic social tradition offers resources for social analysis and reflection that have stood the test of time. However, with a growing number of young people describing themselves as spiritual but not religious (nones), there is an invitation to imagine creative ways to exchange the wisdom of Catholic social thought and the insights of young change-agents.

Gender has not been sufficiently integrated into the vision of social justice put forth in the Catholic social tradition (CST). The #MeToo and #ChurchToo movements have exposed the reality of sexual violence, misogyny and abuse of power in the Church, government, and other institutions that have failed to promote accountability, transparency, and equality. By bringing an analysis of power and critical approach to gender into conversation with CST, we aim to harness the resources of this tradition to respond to these realities. The project will draw upon women’s diverse lived experiences to advance the social tradition in light of the signs of the times.