A Walk to the Conservatory of Flowers

Date of trip: Saturday March 21, 2020

Location: Golden Gate Park, San Francisco CA, 37.7723° N, 122.4588° W

Site description: Due to not being able to enter the actual building, the outside area had a lot of foliage, trees and native plants and flowers surrounding the building.  It is a very open and slightly hilly area.

5 different species found:

  • Natal Lily (Clivia miniata)

  • Bush Lilies (Clivia)

  • Poppy family (family Papaveraceae)

  • Primroses (Primula)

  • Different dogs (Canis) (unable to retrieve pictures)

Specific organism account:

Pembroke welsh corgi (Canis): small/medium sized about ~20lbs, light brown/tan and white colored, very energetic and running around, eating and playing with the grass surrounding the plants, multiple encounters in the dirt either just laying there or digging holes.  Vocalizing/barking at other dogs.  Would rest in the sunny and grassy areas.


My friend and I walked from Geary to the Conservatory of flowers and on the way there, the streets were pretty empty for the most part.  It was party cloudy with some sunshine in particular areas.  It was a bit chilly with soft winds.  But when we got to the park, it was pretty crowded, a lot of people were having picnics just relaxing and taking a stroll through the park.  A lot of dogs were present.  Considering the circumstances we are under at the moment, I thought it was very interesting but also very refreshing to be able to go outdoors and see people having a good time with one another.




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  1. Hi Czarina- I’m glad you were able to get out and get some fresh air. Funny species account ;-). I love the photos!

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