Signs of Spring

2020 March 31

The 3 Signs of Spring:


Lately I have keeping the window in my room slightly open because it’s very soothing for me to hear some kind of noise rather than no noise at all.  And as this past week on, I noticed that I have been hearing a lot of birds chirping and I hear them in the tree that’s right by my window as well.  I have not actually seen what these birds look like but I assume they are small/tiny birds.  Maybe one of these days they’ll fly by my window and I’ll get to see one up close.

The trees outside of my window

I know that in the Spring time, this is a time where plants and flowers can begin flourish because of the longer days and weather.  I have a bunch of trees that sit outside of my window, and aside from hearing the birds chirp in them, I also begun to notice how well the tree is beginning to grow its flowers.  I am unsure what kind of tree it is but its flowers look small and are of an orange-y color.

Wind and Sun

I have noticed how the wind and sun temperatures have been varying over the past week as well (at least where I live in SF).  During the day the winds are pretty calm and the sun is mostly out, but sometimes it gets party cloudy and gloomy.  Right now, looking out of my window though, The sun is shinning very bright and nice.  It’s nice to see sunshine being at home most of the time.


These are shots of the view out of my window.  I live above a restaurant so it isn’t the prettiest view, but we do get a view of this nice big tree, which looks to be growing very well!!


This plant has leaves that are thicker at the base and become wide in the middle but narrow towards the ends.  This is also known as a lanceolate shape.  The color of the leap ranges from different band widths of dark green, light green, and some white.  The leaves have a waxy smooth touch to it and the edges of the leaves are smooth as well.


The plant on the left:

This plant is a type of succulent.  It is a very very tiny plant, about the size of my pinky and is predominately dark green color.  Its leaves are very sturdy and linear, they are all kind of bunch in together, although they so seem to taper down the ends.  The leaves have a white bumpy textured feel to it.  There are repeating horizontal lines of each of its leaves.

The plant on the right:

This is my friends air plant.  It is also very tiny in size, about the same size as the succulent.  It has very thin and linear leaves.  As you can see from the picture, it is a very light green color, and you cannot really see from the pictures, but the texture of the plant is soft and there are little tiny hairs on it.

Other remarks…

Unfortunately I could not go outside this week, but I hope I will be able to go on a walk this upcoming week.  I found that little things like looking outside of my window to see the sky and see nature helps relieve some of the anxiety and stress I feel, and its always good to just sit down and observe your surroundings and think to yourself about whatever it may be 🙂

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