3 Questions with Alumni Samara Mui

Portrait of USF Alumni Sam Miu

Alumni Samara Miu, class of ‘14,  reflects back on her time in the Design program and how it served as the perfect fit to combine her passions for design and social justice

What was the most valuable component of the design department?

“My passion for social justice has always been a large part of my life and I never thought I’d find a program where those interests would intersect with design. It was an enriching experience to be able to explore both together and one that makes USF’s design program unique and innovative.”


What was your path like to your current position, working as a Web Designer for The Republic of Tea company?

“It was mostly through trial and error that I found a position that was a good fit for me and being a person who loves having a plan, it was tough to get used to! Each job at each company helped me figure out a little more about what I liked and what I didn’t.”

As a Web Designer at The Republic of Tea, Samara designs mocks ups, web campaigns, marketing emails, and more in addition to working with Developers to code, and do user testing functionality and troubleshooting errors.  Below are a few examples of work she did for the company.

Marketing materials Miu produced for The Republic of Tea

Email graphics

Marketing materials Miu produced for The Republic of Tea

Catalogue Cover














What advice do you have for current USF students?  

“Don’t put too much pressure on yourself to find the perfect job right after graduation! Determine what’s most important to you (the kind of projects you like to work on, the size of the company, etc.). For me, finding a position where I had the opportunity to learn and explore new venues was key.”


You can see more of Samara’s work on her website.






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