Design Majors take top prizes at Adobe’s Creative Jam!

USF Design Majors and Graphics Center members Dana Capistrano and Sarah Hamilton recently got to participate in an Adobe Creative Jam at Adobe HQ in San Francisco!

For this Creative Jam each team, made up of a mix of design students from across the Bay area, had to use Adobe XD to create a prototype of an app that addresses an issue of social justice. After an inspiring talk by SF-based artist Brian Singer, they were set free into the Adobe offices with less than 24 hours to complete their project. 

Sarah’s team worked on an app titled “Foodforest,” designed to help people living in food deserts gain access to healthy, fresh produce at little to no cost. In addition to serving these individuals, they wanted their app to foster a sense of community, so they included options for others to get involved as volunteers or donors. Dana’s team came up with a solution to food waste in the city with their app (Re)Claim. Both teams presented their work the next day to a large audience filled with industry professionals and design educators from around the world.

Students working on design sprint at Adobe Creative Jam

Talking about her experience, Dana said “I had very little experience about UX/UI Design besides the few things I have learned myself or have seen online. I felt like I really got a feel for working in a team, using Adobe XD, and time management.”

Sarah added “one of my favorite parts of this challenge was working with design students from other schools, because together we accomplished something that none of us would have been able to do on our own.”

screen shot of work created for Creative Jam

Sarah’s team took home 1st and Dana’s 2nd! Each team member was awarded a small cash prize, new skills, and a new network. Way to go Dana and Sarah—we are so proud of you both and USF Design!