Sabiha Basrai, Designs on Democracy

Part-time Design Faculty member, Sabiha Basrai, recently presented  Designs on Democracy: The Roles and Responsibilities of Graphic Designers in the Trump Era at the San Francisco Public Library’s Koret Auditorium.  Thanks to the Letterform Archive, you can watch her talk online!

At USF, Sabiha has taught our Design and Social Change Seminar as well as Design Fundamentals courses.  She brings her expertise to the classroom while also working as a member of the Design Action Collective.  A graduate of the Art and Design program at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, Sabiha focused her academic career on the history of anti-war poster art and visual strategies for social justice organizing. She is Co-Coordinator of the Alliance of South Asians Taking Action where she works with racial justice organizers to fight against Islamophobia.