Black Disabled Art History 101

Black Disabled Art History 101
Thursday, September 28
Lone Mountain 100, University of San Francisco

Leroy Moore will be reading a selection from Black Disabled Art History 101. He will be joined by India Harville, a disabled dancer from Oakland, who is featured in the book. India will be both performing and discussing art and performance as integral to disability justice.

Black Disabled Art History 101: Disability representation in children’s literature typically fulfills common stereotypes of disability as deficit, something to overcome, or something to fear. Rarely is disability, as it intersects with other identity markers, positioned as a natural part of human variation or within frameworks of diversity and culture. We believe that this ground-breaking book is the first of its kind, focusing on disability identity, art, and culture; and, as such, creates the space for conversations that can move the dominant narrative of disability from overcoming to pride.