Date of Trip: 3/29/20

Location: My home in Detroit, Michigan. Latitude 42.3655, Longitude: -83.1319

Site Description: The topography of the area would be described as very flat. The area is home to many seasonal plant species and conifers. Most animals in the area are normal animals you’d find in a residential area such as squirrels.

Signs of spring:

  1. Over the past week, we have been having several rainstorms. The rainstorms have been happening at night along with thunder and lightening. Rainstorms here in Michigan instead of snowstorms has always been a sign that warmer months are soon to come.
  2. I have been hearing more and more birds chirping early in the morning. Just about every morning when I wake up I hear birds chirping. You can hear the birds from around 5am to 8am. The birds starting to chirp tells me that they are migrating back north for the spring and summer months.
  3. With the trees in my backyard, I have noticed so very small leaves beginning to grow. The leaves are tiny and barely there but they are growing. This tells me that the warmer air is starting to make a change, especially for the trees and other shrubs.

I noticed most of these things from outside of my bedroom window and to see the premature leaves I just went into my backyard. It was nice to see and hear the signs of spring and when I went outside it was a little cloudy and pretty cold outside, however, it was warmer around 62 degrees. On the bright side of all the rain, I enjoy the rain this time of the year because I know better weather is coming.