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Aug 31 in class free writing

Some ideas I have regarding my audio essay include writing about my love of bath and body works candles, how it is important for me to have a rest day on Fridays, or why I go to the starbucks drive thru every single day before zoom university. I could also write about zoom university and how it is different from going to school how I would normally. I think I like this idea because I could tie this into how I can use candles at home since I am not in the dorms and how I don’t have to stand and wait in a line for starbucks at school. There have been many things that have made my life easier by having school online. I am sad that I can’t physically be at college but there are some benefits to this transition. Attending zoom university through USF has allowed me to focus more on school without the distractions a normal day in college might have. I think I am going to start my audio essay by talking about how I was really excited to go to college and really thought It might have a chance of opening given that it is not a big school like Arizona or Michigan. Then I could go into when I got the email that usf was going to be all online and how sad I was. Then I could talk about how I started school online and was able to create a good routine for myself. I was really tired every single day because I was busy doing a lot of work, but I was able to look at the positives. On campus, I could not light a new candle in each class or be lazy and sit in my car to get my starbucks drink. I wouldn’t even be able to bring my car up to sf. This also got me into thinking about how I was able to complete a lot more work because I did not have the distactions of trying to meet new people and trying to adjust to living in a new place. Then I could say how I am still sad that I can not go to college in real life but

pitch: how I was able to take advantage of a situation I never thought would happen

intro – I was really excited to go to school in sf. covid got really bad in California but I thought that school maybe still in person because it is not a big school like Arizona or Michigan

  • I got an email from usf (I was really disappointed)
  • For the next few days I was really sad that covid was changing my original plans

first – I came to accept that school would be online and decided that i was going to make the best of it

  • I realized that I could do a lot of things at home still that I maybe could not do up in sf for ex:

– I could light candles in my room (could not do that in the dorm)

— I could have time to go to starbucks every morning and not have to stand in line, I could wait in my car

— I had my car; I would not have brought it up to sf

— I was able to focus on school more rather than the distractions of living in a new environment and trying to find my group of people

  • I was still sad that I could not move up to sf for first semester of college but it did offer some benefits that I never thought of before.
  • I was always grateful to be able to go away for college but now I feel as if I will be more grateful to be there when I arrive
  • It taught me that sometimes things do not go as expected and you just have to go with it.

In class group writing activity:

Emily Schwab, Ryan Duncan, Jelo Blanco


Article: Against Headphones

The article, “Against Headphones” by Virginia Heffernan is a ceremonial argument. Heffernan is the main arguer and is making the claim of, “Maybe the danger of digital culture to young people is not that they have hummingbird attention spans but that they are going death” (Heffernan, 1). The purpose of this argument is to target the audience of teenagers and parents to explain the dangers of headphone usage. The author is persuading parents to limit their kids of headphone technology. Based on the author’s usage of Ethos, pathos, and logos, all three of us agree that the author’s purpose has been achieved. An example of logos used is, “The number of teenagers with hearing loss – from slight to severe – has jumped 33 percent since 1994” (Heffernan, 1). Although this article was written almost a decade ago, it still manages to be effective today because many students use headphones for their virtual learning purposes. This ties into the idea of kairos.

Meaning Of Name

My name is Emily Olivia Schwab. My first name was given to me in an unusual way. My mom was at a home furnishing store when she saw a clock with “Emilee” written across the top of it. She thought to herself “Emilee” I like the sound of that so she came home and proposed the idea to my dad. My dad liked “Emilee” but asked if they could spell it the more “original” way. That is when my name was born: “Emily”.

The name “Emily” comes from the Latin word “Ameilia” which translates to “hard-working”. “Ameilia” was turned into “Emily” in Germany. My middle name “Olivia” on the other hand, comes from the Latin word “Olive tree”. The name became popular when William Shakesphere came out with the Twelfth night, but this has nothing to do with why I was given this middle name. I was named after my grandpa “Oliver”. My last name, “Schwab” is German and Jewish.



My name is Emily Schwab and I’m from Los Angeles, California. My city is known for having a lot of traffic and being very busy. At the time of this blog, I am a freshman at the University Of San Francisco majoring in psychology. My favorite foods are ramen and sushi. During my free time, I enjoy photography, baking cookies, watching movies, and spending time with my friends and family.

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