9.23 in class writing

“Let the cat out of the Bag” means someone didn’t keep the secret.

“Get in Someone’s hair” means provoke someone to anger.

“Pay Through The Nose” means something or items costs a lot of money .

“Get Off Someone’s Back” means don’t disturb others.

“Wet Blanket” means a person who is not enthusiastic about anything and who stops other people from enjoying themselves.



The company calls the Philips vacuum cleaner “a small animal at home” that is considered to be flexible and highly attractive. Philips uses the octopus to describe the flexibility and high suction of its vacuum cleaner, which has attracted the attention of consumers.

The advertisement is aimed at the owners or workers because they are worried about the cleanliness of the house. The vacuum cleaner draws dust from the floor and carpet. In addition, the term “small animals at home” means that the vacuum cleaner is specifically for the family rather than the business premises.






From the article of Jeff Ludovici, he introduced an example he met during his career, once one parents take their son to ask him for help, their son is good performance at the high school, but turn to bad when he get in university. Even though his parents help him transfer to another community college. The circumstance had no change. After the contact between Pro Jeff and this student. Pro Jeff realized that the frustrations of this student are that he didn’t know what he can do after he graduate and high pressure from the high expectation of his parents, so that Pro Jeff give him some advice to him and his parents. Therefore, their parents lower their expectation and he also found what he can do after he graduated.


Compared to the Mary’s article. Pro Mary thinks that the action which “Flunking”students without any help from the Professors is wrong. Because their bad academic performance don’t mean that they are “bad”students. Someone might just hard to concentrated on their academy and someone might lose their direction of future career so that they refute to handling knowledge because they think that knowledge is useless after they graduate.

Ref: Ludovici, J., & Ludovici, J. L. J. (n.d.). Jeff Ludovici. Retrieved from https://collegestrategyblog.com/true-stories-a-college-failure-turned-to-success/



9.9 in class writing



The two audios talked about Dorian and Catherine’s experience about their identities as the writing center tutors and they explain how their jobs as the tutor at the writing center at Montana State University has contributed to their identities as a reader and writer.

The reason I chose this audio is I like their experiences which I have not experienced ever, and I want to hire a job like them someday.

As they all talked about, their writing skills have improved becuase of their jobs and the job has helped them become a more literate being. That’s what I would like to learn, if I want to develop my own audio literacy narrative project, I could hire a part-time job which relates to reading and writing.

9.6 in class writing

After I read my peer, Yi’s discussion, I found something similar to mine. For instance, we both mentioned the importance of using ethos during writing. As he said, “ethos is the first thing we see, so it creates the first impression and influences how we take the rest of information”, which is the point I totally agree with. Also, we talked about the using ethos to make credibility and realized that future success is linked to an ability to project a convincing ethos for themselves.



9.4 free writing

I’ll make the audio video about my unforgettable trip in 2018. Last winter I went to United Kingdom with my friend and the best place I think is Edinburgh. Through this video, I wold like to share my best memory about another country’s culture with classmates so that everyone could experience the different kind of lifestyle even if someone is not go there at all.  As we all know, United Kingdom is different form U.S or even China, that is also the reason I came there, I want to experience different culture like traditional food and transports and oral English and so on, which is the interesting part of my video I think. Therefore, I would like share some best visiting places which are if you go there someday, you won’t miss those because those are amazing and worthing going there.

Through this video I’ll make, I think it’s a good way to share personal lifestyle and experience with others and people could know more about me and  I could use my own experience to let others consider if traveling is a good way to relax and enjoy life.

Brief audio essay pitch:The story I would like to share is about my last trip in Edinburgh. We went to the castle first, although the weather was bad that day, we had a lot of fun because the building is very awesome and grand. Moreover, I think it’s a way to learn about the Edinburgh’s history. Through this trip, I learned a lot about Scottish culture and history, which enriched my life experience.