I would like to share an event about China’s independence.

I think it’s important for China and I would like to focus on four points.

1. Fundamentally change the fate of the Chinese people and start up a new era of Chinese historical development. The founding of the people’s Republic of China marks the rise of the Chinese people. The Chinese people have firmly controlled their destiny

2.Fundamentally change China’s development direction and promote China’s entry into a new socialist society. The establishment of the people’s Republic of China marks China’s entry into a new democratic society, which has laid a political premise and institutional foundation for the transition from New Democracy to socialism and the creation of a socialist road with Chinese characteristics.

3.Fundamentally change the status of the Chinese nation and open a new chapter of national rejuvenation. The founding of the people’s Republic of China has achieved the unprecedented stability and unity of the Chinese nation, fundamentally changed the status of the Chinese nation. It is a historical turning point for the Chinese nation from the decline of modern times to the prosperity, from the turmoil of war to the long-term stability, and a great milestone in the 5000 year history of the Chinese nation. Since then, the development and progress of the Chinese nation has begun A new era.

4.Fundamentally change the world political pattern and profoundly influence the human historical process. The establishment of the people’s Republic of China is of great significance in the history of human social development. It is “a great victory with worldwide significance after the October Revolution” and “the most significant political event after the Second World War. It has a profound and long-standing influence on the international situation and the development of the world people’s struggle”. It has great world significance and affects the development process of world history, It has opened a new stage in the development of human history.

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