After I read Mandy’s response, I found some similar points with her. First all of, I would like to talk about the topic again, the author is a mixed-race story that is crowded out by two communities at the same time. She always confused her mixed race and may often not know which community she belongs to.

From this article, I have the same idea with Mandy that she’s a Filipino American and she does not feel enough about Filipino. This article wants to emphasize those who have different backgrounds to accept their culture, rather than that they must choose a culture and ethnics to believe. Children have their own ideas, especially in a diverse country like the United States.

Although I don’t have the similar experience with the author, I went U.S. to study almost three years ago, I think at the beginning, it’s hard for a teen to¬†integrate into local environment. Mandy and I are all Chinese and I think we have the same experience. We¬†also tried to integrate into the environment, but it does not mean that we have to give up my own culture.

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