I am interested in a proposal to resolve a racial or identity conflict in your institution/city.

There was a riot in Hong Kong a while ago.On November 11, Hong Kong rioters called for strikes. The Hong Kong government has released information on the debris, arson and train damage along the railway. To this day, the incident is more and more serious, and most of the ordinary people can not rework or go to school. Hong Kong was forced into a state of semi paralysis.

The mainland people have a clearer understanding of “one country, two systems”, especially their firm attitude towards “one country”. Hong Kong is the part of China. “One country” is the premise and foundation for the implementation of “two systems”. Hong Kong’s high degree of autonomy is not inherent, but comes from the central authority. A high degree of autonomy is not complete autonomy.


And I’ve found some sources about riots in Hong Kong by using USF library.

Students armed with javelins and bows and arrows fought police at the Chinese University of Hong Kong yesterday as an official warned that the territory was “on the brink of total breakdown”.

The violent scenes, mirrored at other campuses in the city, reflected a continuing escalation in the protests after a police officer shot a protester at close range on Monday and a man was doused with petrol and set on fire by demonstrators.

Students, angered by police encroachment on their campuses on Monday, set up barricades shortly after dawn yesterday. Police fired their first rounds of tear gas before 8am at the City University of Hong Kong.

Separately, protesters near the University of Hong Kong campus threw chairs and traffic cones from a footbridge on to moving traffic below, injuring a motorbike rider. A police spokesman condemned the action as “murderous”.

Students at the Polytechnic University were seen throwing rubbish bins from a footbridge. At City University they chopped down trees to build barricades and at the Chinese University protesters broke into a sports equipment warehouse and took bows and arrows and javelins. They set up a defence line of umbrellas and stadium seats, emerging from behind it to throw petrol bombs at police. The officers responded with volleys of tear gas.


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