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XO Davis, Data Science Major

Name: XO Davis

Major: Data Science

Previous Major: Biology, Chemistry

What attracted  you to your initial major?: My desire to help people in the medical field by making them healthy and happy

What inspired you to change programs?: My performance in the Biology major wasn’t going as well as I would’ve wanted it to so I found it best to think of a new pathway to medical school.

What do you like best about your current major?: I like the flexibility the major offers and how it still gives me the option to have a minor with less stress instead of having a fixed schedule for the next years of college. This offers me the ability to have a bio major if I want to and take the prerequisites for medical school while also having a set major that will offer me a good career in the long run.

What is most challenging about your current major?: I can’t say so far because this is going to be my first semester with the major but if there is going to be a challenge then it will most likely be the intense math.

What sort of internships and career opportunities have your explored?: I have done internships in hospitals for the past 2 summers so that I can get a feel of how it is there and if I would want to still pursue that career.

What sort of extracurricular opportunities have you participated in?: Intramural Basketball, Many Hayes vs Gillson activities, Multiple sorority sport competitions

What sort of resources have helped you with your exploration journey?: CASA

What advice do you have for students exploring majors? If you aren’t really feeling your major by the first semester or you don’t know exactly what you want to do then don’t be stressed about it. In my opinion that is what freshman year is somewhat meant for, to get a feel of multiple majors by talking with friends and upper class men. If you aren’t a freshman then still exploring your passions is better than sticking to something that you don’t genuinely like or love.

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