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Eduardo Rosenfeld, Pursuing His True Interests as a Philosophy Major

Eduardo Rosenfeld Profile PhotoCurrent Student, Alumni, Faculty, or Staff?:  Alumni

Name: Eduardo Rosenfeld

Title: Writer

Company / Department: Najera in America

Major(s), Minor(s), Program(s): Philosophy

Previous Major(s), Minor(s), Program(s): Computer Science, Business Administration, Management, & Marketing, Communications

What attracted you to your initial major(s) and minor(s)?: I was attracted to my initial majors because I thought graduating with these titles would bring me a sense of worth from money or respect.

What inspired you to change program(s)?: I wasn’t happy with my life.

What did you like best about your major(s) and minor(s)?: Philosophy was the only major that stimulated me.

What was most challenging about your major(s) and minor(s)?: The discipline it takes to argue for a point in a paper.

How did your major(s) and minor(s) prepare you for your career?: It bettered my writing and allowed me to think outside of the box.

What resources helped you with your exploration journey?: CASA.

What advice do you have for students exploring majors?: Explore the majors that make you happy, not those that are simply means to other ends.

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