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Sabrina Chaudhry Ellison, ’99, Communications Major Leading the Warriors Dance Teams

Sabrina Ellison pictured alongside Warriors Dance TeamSabrina Chaudhry Ellison ‘ 99 used her leadership skills, Communication Studies major, and Business minor to create the first USF Dance Team while she was a student.  She started off as a business major but later focused most on her passions for dance and her interest in Communication Studies.  Now, she applies those sames skills and the knowledge she gained at USF to oversee all aspects of the Oakland Warriors three dance troupes.  Read this USF News article to find out more about how Sabrina’s education helped her sustain her passion for dance – both on the court and behind the scenes.


Eduardo Rosenfeld, Pursuing His True Interests as a Philosophy Major

Eduardo Rosenfeld Profile PhotoCurrent Student, Alumni, Faculty, or Staff?:  Alumni

Name: Eduardo Rosenfeld

Title: Writer

Company / Department: Najera in America

Major(s), Minor(s), Program(s): Philosophy

Previous Major(s), Minor(s), Program(s): Computer Science, Business Administration, Management, & Marketing, Communications

What attracted you to your initial major(s) and minor(s)?: I was attracted to my initial majors because I thought graduating with these titles would bring me a sense of worth from money or respect.

What inspired you to change program(s)?: I wasn’t happy with my life.

What did you like best about your major(s) and minor(s)?: Philosophy was the only major that stimulated me.

What was most challenging about your major(s) and minor(s)?: The discipline it takes to argue for a point in a paper.

How did your major(s) and minor(s) prepare you for your career?: It bettered my writing and allowed me to think outside of the box.

What resources helped you with your exploration journey?: CASA.

What advice do you have for students exploring majors?: Explore the majors that make you happy, not those that are simply means to other ends.

Alyssa Pohahau ’14, Changing the Face of Computer Science from Here

Alyssa Pohahau profile pictureRead how USF’s small classes and close knit network of professors in Computer Science helped Alyssa Pohahau ’14 launch herself in the job market quickly as a software engineer at Square after graduation.  The USF profile article highlights how Alyssa beat the odds as a woman of color pursuing a male-dominated field and why she liked studying  at USF.  There is also a short video in which Alyssa discusses her love for studying computer science and how she ‘lost track of time’ doing her assignments for her first Computer Science I class because she was enjoying herself so much.

Full USF profile article about Alyssa.