Meaning of Name

My full name is Feng Lin which is a Chinese name. In Chinese, Feng means maple and Lin means forest. When I combine my first name and last name, it will be maple forest. I was embarrassed by my name. When I was in high school, one of my teachers comes from a different part of China. In this situation, he has a strong accent. In class, whenever he called my name, he said Fen Lin. Fen means score and Lin means zero, which sounds like I got zero on a test. I changed my name five years ago. My old name was still Feng Lin. But the old Feng means a harvest. I changed my name because my mom went to a Taoist temple. A master told my mom that I’d better change my Feng(A harvest) to another Feng(maple). I felt ok with that because the my new name looks prettier in Chinese.

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