Hamilton Recreation Center

Recreation and Park Department employees preparing Hamilton Playground swimming pool for opening

Hamilton Recreation Center has been located in the Fillmore for over half a century. Physical health and wellness within the African American community continues to be inadequate due to racial and physical

barriers which divide the community from good health care, nutritional food options, and recreational space. Hamilton Recreation Center works to reverse these effects by providing fitness classes, educational support, and nutritional advice for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The services that Hamilton provide brings in people from all walks of life within the Fillmore, bridging the gap between the diverse community that now calls it home.

Hamilton Recreation Center is truly a conduit for change which has not stopped fighting disparities in physical health since its inception. That being said, we believe it is the people who make Hamilton what it is today, a place where anyone and everyone can feel welcomed and cared for.


Documentary Film: Spirit of Hamilton

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Basketball at Hamilton

Basketball is more than a game at Hamilton. It is a way of life which has driven the Recreation Center for decades. Not only has basketball offered a stimulating activity for young men and women in the Fillmore for years, but it has continually taught valuable lessons to the youth such as teamwork, discipline, and the value of hard work.


Although boxing is no longer offered as a program at Hamilton, the sport has a rich history there. Young Black men at Hamilton were taught the art of boxing, allowing them to follow in the footsteps of legends such as Jack Johnson, Joe Louis, and Muhammad Ali, all while learning patience, precision, and self-protection.

Recreational Activities

Hamilton Recreation Center has, and still does, offer activities outside of the realm of sport. We believe this is what sets Hamilton apart from most recreation centers. Hamilton gives Fillmore residences of all ages the chance to not only improve their physical health, but also to let them explore the arts, history, and cultural activities.


Documentary Film: Hamilton Hoops

Written transcription for this piece is included in the description under the video on YouTube.

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