Literacy Skills in CTE Classes

According to a 2011 study, 50 to 60 percent of students had difficulties in a  reading and writing assessment. There are many ways that we can help students improve on this, but one to shine the light on is career and technical education. There are many different ways that reading and writing can be worked on with students, it does not only have to happen in an english class. This is where CTE comes to play. Having this resource is useful because it can teach students and help them improve their reading and writing while reading things such as blueprints to a project or while working on computer programs.

   CTE in a class can help students work on these 4 strategies: to read and summarize an article, think critically and ask questions, reflect and respond on what they read and lastly, take a stand and support it with evidence. Having the students read and summarize articles help them find and focus the main idea which they may have difficulty doing at times. To be able to ask a proper question is important that way they get the answer that they want and may need to get the proper information that they may need. Being able to reflect properly on what they have just read or watched is a proper tool that is necessary to have that way they are able to build on what they are learning and writing about. Lastly, the last skill is important so that they are able to defend their stance that they may be taking on a certain subject and provide proper evidence in text form with proper resources.



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