Introduction (Blog I didn’t do in the very beginning of the year)

My name is Gabriel Sepulveda-Sanders. I am a first-year finance major at the University of San Francisco. I am initially from Tucson, AZ, but eventually moved to San Diego, CA where I’ve spent the majority of my life. I am currently (even during the beginning of the year) doing dropshipping in order to make some sort of revenue, and I genuinely enjoy the whole process.

I love to surf, skate, and do any sort of exercise. I find some of the most peaceful times to be when I am in the gym and have just finished working out. This is simply because I have exhausted all of my energy, and this usually puts me in a state of Euphoria (not kidding). I also love hanging out with my friends and hiking.

If there is one place I see myself being in the next 30 years, it is in a high leveled finance position. CFO (Chief Financial Officer) would be the most desirable position, simply because I would have extremely high stake in whatever company I am working for, and I would be able to direct/teach several people. I hope to achieve an amazing education at USF, and use whatever skills I have learned to make my way up through the corporate system. I believe that I will learn a lot about many different people, the way the corporate system works, and how to benefit the general public when I get to a very high position.

I have loved attending USF so far, and see a wonderful 6 semesters ahead of me. I think that I will be able to maintain excellent grades, in order to build my resume, and to impress my networks.

In Class Writing for Essay 4 04/28/2020

Gabriel Sanders



While researching sources on the library’s website, I came across ALBERT E. SCHWENK’s “Differences Among Private Industry Occupational Groups in Pay Levels and Trends”. I chose this source because it is a .gov and those seem to have consistent reliability.

This newspaper article illustrates the difference in pay among white and blue-collar workers. There is a clear distinction between the pay, and this author suggests that the difference between these wages have been consistent throughout a long period of time. “In March 1996, compensation costs per hour worked were higher for white-collar workers ($21.10) than for blue-collar workers ($17.04) and service workers ($8.61). Costs for white-collar occupations varied from $14.34 for sales workers to $33.12 for executive, administrative, and managerial occupations” (Schwenk 13). By recognizing these types of occupations, it is clear that white-collar work requires some sort of higher-level education. This education probably enables these managerial/administrative/executive workers to be assets to larger companies that make a lot of money. Overall, this definitely contributes to the reasoning for why they are paid more.


Shwenk, Albert E. (1997). Differences Among Private Industry Occupational Groups in Pay Levels and Trends. Division of Compensation Data Analysis and Planning, Bureau of Labor Statistics, p.13. Retrieved from

In Class Assignment 04/07/2020

Sebastian T., Philip L.




Combine each sentence pair into a single sentence using either a coordinating conjunction or a conjunctive adverb. Then copy the combined sentence onto your own sheet of paper.


  1. Pets are not allowed in Mr. Taylor’s building, but he owns several cats and a parrot.
  2. New legislation prevents drivers from sending or reading text messages while driving, however, many people continue to use their phones illegally.
  3. The coroner concluded that the young man had taken a lethal concoction of drugs, and by the time his relatives found him, nothing could be done.
  4. Amphibians are vertebrates that live on land and in the water, however, flatworms are invertebrates that live only in water.
  5. Ashley carefully fed and watered her tomato plants all summer, so the tomatoes grew juicy and ripe.
  6. When he lost his car key, Simon attempted to open the door with a wire hanger, a credit card, and a paper clip, yet He called the manufacturer for advice.


Combine each sentence pair into a single sentence using a subordinating conjunction and then copy the combined sentence onto your own sheet of paper.


  1. Jake is going to Mexico. There are beautiful beaches in Mexico.

Because the beaches in Mexico are beautiful, Jake is going to Mexico

  1. A snowstorm disrupted traffic all over the east coast. There will be long delivery delays this week.

There will be long delivery delays this week because a snowstorm disrupted traffic all over the east coast.

  1. My neighbor had his television volume turned up too high. I banged on his door and asked him to keep the noise down.

Since my neighbor had his television volume turned up too high, I banged on his door and asked him to keep the noise down.


  1. Jessica prepared the potato salad and the sautéed vegetables. Ashley marinated the chicken.

While Jessica prepared the potato salad and the sauteed vegetables, Ashely marinated the chicken.


  1. Romeo poisons himself. Juliet awakes to find Romeo dead and stabs herself with a dagger.

After Romeo poisons himself, Juliet awakes to find Romeo dead and stabs herself with a dagger. 

In class discussion 03/21/2020

Rashik, Gabe, Keane

We all agree with Navneet Alang’s statement on how “True, typing or screaming into the void can evoke a sense of futility, even nihilism. Carried underneath, however, is something deeply human — a wish to be seen, to be heard,” (Alang, para 11). I believe that this statement does hold true for many people. We can see these examples all over the internet. Twitter accounts and private Instagrams with only close friends are very common. The owner of the account usually posts their thoughts or rants. A lot of the time they are seeking confirmation or validation from their followers or they just want to get their emotions out. It’s not so common to write down our thoughts or feelings on a piece of paper anymore. We are adapting to modern-day solutions. 


When people post tweets or any sort of content we believe that they indirectly look for recognition. If someone was to post something, having another person understand that concept as much or exactly as they do would probably give them closure about their statement. This assumption comes from personal experience, and we believe that the majority of people would feel the same way. In general, people post a lot of personal opinions about politics on several different social media platforms. It is important for these people to gain recognition about their opinions because that recognition alone is what completely solidifies their understanding (already stated).


In order to cope with the current COVID-19 situation, where most of us are stuck at home, people have started to go online on social media to express how they are feeling. More people have started to live and make vlogs on a daily basis to keep themselves entertained. Another common trend that most people are following is posting pictures of themselves with the caption “Until Tomorrow” where they post funny pictures of themselves to amuse their followers. Most countries worldwide have gone into a state of lockdown to prevent the spread of the virus any further. Being stuck at home for such a long time can be really painful for most people, teens have started playing online games on various consoles to keep themselves entertained while the new trend of making TikToks is taking over the internet.

3/24 in class writing

My learning has never really been affected by class, race or culture. I always had a public school education, and I was always a middle-class person. I did notice that other people in my grade had some torn up/dirty clothing, or supplies that looked like they were really old or used. I also noticed that some of these people consistently ate at the cafeteria (which was not nutritious at all). I don’t exactly know how their class affected their learning, however, I could probably infer that they wanted more perks while going to school. I think that all kids should be given new and proper supplies, or a tasty and nutritious lunch, however, that probably won’t be the case for a while. When I was really young, I was lower to mid-class but I don’t remember what it was like going to school.

I had a good public school education overall, but I noticed others around me who didn’t have it so easy.

Individual in class writing 03/03/2020

Intro: Discuss the background of social norms involving food.

Thesis: The way people choose to eat is determined by the environment that they are surrounded by, or by the culture that they admire.

P1Topic sentence, about body dysmorphia and the influence that the environment has.

Evidence 1

P2Topic sentence, Involving the social class that people are in and what they can afford to eat (what environment they are in)

Evidence 2

P3Topic sentence, regarding the cultural foods that people eat, for example, where in the world that person is (and if several people are eating the same way as that person)

Evidence 3

Conclusion – People eat according to their personal preferences, however, these preferences are indirectly influenced by the environment that they are in, their social class, or the culture that they identify themselves with.

Individual In Class Writing 02/27/20

The picture portrayed by John Holyfield most resembles my annual thanksgiving, considering that everyone is holding hands and someone is saying grace. Honestly, it isn’t a perfectly accurate representation of what my thanksgiving looks like, however, the unity of everyone, and the holding hands aspect definitely resonates with me the most. There is also a perfect number of people in the picture too. The universal press syndicate also represents the thanksgiving I generally experience. Mine is more of a buffet style, and then we eventually say grace. The last picture illustrated by Rick Friedman least resonates with me, considering that I have never spent thanksgiving in a facility like this one. That isn’t necessarily a good thing, however, I may provide a service at one of these dinners at some point in my life simply because it is helpful.

In Class Writing 02/27/20

This source is from the School of Social Work at Tulane University, and it is reliable because it is a .edu and from a school promoting social work. This source talks about the relationship between social class and the quality of diets. They talk about how there is a 45% reduction in incidents of diabetes in areas where healthy food is available. They also refer to the United States Department of Agricultural Food and Nutrition Service, which states that the median family income of people living near food deserts is at or below 80% of the surrounding areas median family income. They also state that 20% of people living in areas near food deserts have an income at or below the federal poverty level (for family size). The correlation between the price of healthy food and the rate of child obesity is discussed, and this brings up a good point considering that lower-income families cannot afford healthier food and will therefore not be able to provide healthy foods to their children.


Reference: (2018, May 10). Food deserts in America (Infographic). Tulane University School of Social Work. Retrieved from

In Class reflection 02/25/20

In my family, the flavor is a huge contributor to everyday meals. However, both of my parents try and make the healthiest foods possible. I think the meals we eat represent what is generally good for our bodies, my family particularly is not focused on how we look, but eating healthy is important to us because we want the internal values of our bodies to be lively. In our community, the value and shape of our bodies are definitely overly emphasized considering that I live in a very wealthy beach town. In general, I think this way of eating definitely applies to today’s society, considering that body shape and health has been an ongoing trend for some time now.

In my community, healthy foods are definitely encouraged. The thing that worries me is that there are several places that promote sculpted bodies and provide food that is supposed to help you achieve those bodies. There is also an abundance of gyms in my small town.

Overall, I think that the perfect body is definitely overemphasized in today’s society, however, many people are getting healthier and are finding a good balance between work and health. I don’t think that this is a bad thing but I think that people can definitely get into the body dysmorphic mindest and but their body appearance over everything else in their life.


I have never felt “Tokenized” before. I’m considerably tall, but people barely reference that. While growing up, I would be called “swimmers body” because I was extremely skinny and had a decently high metabolism. I started swimming because of this, however, I took the name as an inspiration rather than a tokenized reference.

I was fairly uncoordinated while playing land sports, and I was definitely poked at because I had no interest in sports like football or basketball.

People always thought of me as the “friendly giant.” I never took this as an insult but a lot of people would come to the conclusion that my only purpose was to be friendly and large. Again, this was approaching a decade ago so I don’t even know why I am considering it.

Nothing ever felt unfair, but I did feel somewhat excluded from the other 5 foot 6 athletic kids (who were really good at baseball or football). I was kind of a completely different category of males, again, this didn’t affect me too much in the long run.