In class discussion 03/21/2020

Rashik, Gabe, Keane

We all agree with Navneet Alang’s statement on how “True, typing or screaming into the void can evoke a sense of futility, even nihilism. Carried underneath, however, is something deeply human — a wish to be seen, to be heard,” (Alang, para 11). I believe that this statement does hold true for many people. We can see these examples all over the internet. Twitter accounts and private Instagrams with only close friends are very common. The owner of the account usually posts their thoughts or rants. A lot of the time they are seeking confirmation or validation from their followers or they just want to get their emotions out. It’s not so common to write down our thoughts or feelings on a piece of paper anymore. We are adapting to modern-day solutions. 


When people post tweets or any sort of content we believe that they indirectly look for recognition. If someone was to post something, having another person understand that concept as much or exactly as they do would probably give them closure about their statement. This assumption comes from personal experience, and we believe that the majority of people would feel the same way. In general, people post a lot of personal opinions about politics on several different social media platforms. It is important for these people to gain recognition about their opinions because that recognition alone is what completely solidifies their understanding (already stated).


In order to cope with the current COVID-19 situation, where most of us are stuck at home, people have started to go online on social media to express how they are feeling. More people have started to live and make vlogs on a daily basis to keep themselves entertained. Another common trend that most people are following is posting pictures of themselves with the caption “Until Tomorrow” where they post funny pictures of themselves to amuse their followers. Most countries worldwide have gone into a state of lockdown to prevent the spread of the virus any further. Being stuck at home for such a long time can be really painful for most people, teens have started playing online games on various consoles to keep themselves entertained while the new trend of making TikToks is taking over the internet.

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