In order to carry out the PCR reaction, we had to firstly prepare a PCR master mix for our group table, The Turtles. In the master mix, we mixed 200.4 microliters of distilled water, 30 microliters of 10x buffer, 30 microliters of MgCl2, 15 microliters of BSA, 3 microliters of dNTP’s, 3 microliters of each primer MgSTS332 primers- including both forward and backward- and .6 microliters of Taq into a sterile tube. This master mix was put in a sterile PCR tube with the extracted plant DNA that was obtained in a previous procedure. Each PCR tube that had plant DNA and master mix was labeled with group member’s initials and the initial label that appeared on the collection tube for each plant. Once all PCR tubes were filled and labeled, the Turtles group, along with the rest of the class was able to load the tubes into the PCR machine.