The Girl of His Dreams: USF Book Club (July, 2008)

2 thoughts on “The Girl of His Dreams: USF Book Club (July, 2008)”

  1. Any chance someone could recommend another good evening fiction book club?

    I live in Cow Hollow and am searching for a club to join.

    Thank you.

  2. hi Jody

    Libraries and bookstores are good places to find book groups. San Francisco Public Library hosts them at branches all over town and some are in the evenings. See San Francisco Reads for the all-city book club “On the Same Page” or click on “Book Clubs at the Library” for more variety.

    Many of my favorite local independent bookstores have evening book groups, like Bird & Beckett in Glen Park. Books Inc. hosts them at several stores around town including the Classics I Forgot to Read Book Club at the Chestnut St. store on Wednesday nights. And in Cow Hollow there’s apparently a women’s discussion group at Solar Lights Bookstore on Tuesday nights. That one and lots more are listed here. (Scroll down past the ads to see the list.)

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