USF Book Club: American Born Chinese

8 thoughts on “USF Book Club: American Born Chinese”

  1. Meeting in the garden this week was fun. I was amazed at how beautifully and how fast people’s plots have grown since I was last there in the spring. And it was great to see new faces at the book group. I’m looking forward to another lively lunchtime discussion for this book. Note to self: bring sunscreen.

    I just read an interview with Gene Yang (who teaches high school in Oakland) here and discovered his website.

    When asked about graphic novels vs “real books” he had an interesting response:

    I like old ways of doing things. Combining words and pictures in books, though, isn’t new. … Books are about communication. And books communicating through images, even sequential images, aren’t something new trying to substitute for the tried and true. They’ve always been there. They’re getting more attention now, sure. But they aren’t going to replace the prose novel. Instead, what I think we’ll see is a bleeding of the boundaries between media. Comics will bleed into prose and vice versa.

  2. The Secret Identities book has been donated to Gleeson but it’s not in the catalog yet. Soon!

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