Summer 2010: What are you reading?

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  1. I had the pleasure of knowing Rose from the time she was 8 to about my age. It’s a real light reading, anyone can meet her and although her stories are simple you just have to be alert enough to get the message. We can wish to have “special” skills, but you might want to meet her before considering that.

  2. I’m hanging out with the Harry Potter gang this summer. Watching some of the early Potter movies over and over and over again with my 2-year-old, I felt a need to relieve the ensuing monotony by delving deeper into the stories. The first two books are essentially like the movies. Once the books start getting fatter, the stories get much more compelling. Just started book 6, the Half-Blood Prince. Been trying to hang out more with Snape, but he’s been very elusive. I guess you can’t force someone to be your friend.

  3. I am drawn into this graphic novel as if I were there.
    Alison Bechdel’s review:
    In this book, Howard Cruse explores the structures of racism and homophobia with a complexity that resonates in his astonishingly intricate drawings. Reading Stuck Rubber Baby is an acutely sensuous experience, from its powerful visuals to the virtually audible jazz lyrics and freedom songs that weave in and out of the narrative. With unflinching honesty and meticulous craft, Cruse brings the confusion and exhilaration of social upheaval to vivid life.

    Alison Bechdel
    Dykes To Watch Out For

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