The Building Blocks of Research Series: Demystifying the Process

One thought on “The Building Blocks of Research Series: Demystifying the Process”

  1. Great post! I’m glad to see that the library is taking an active role in preparing students to conduct academic research and critically engage with media and texts. The collaboration between students, faculty, librarians and university community members is essential to this process and the library instruction program is a great way to achieve this. I think the idea of piloting a series of standalone workshops that students can drop into or professors could assign extra credit points for is a great way to reach more students and give them the opportunity to learn research skills.

    I appreciate the effort put into the development of the research skills workshops through the mini-grant awarded by CRASE. The goal of teaching students the foundational research skills they need for their time at USF and beyond is very important and I think these workshops will be a great way to achieve that. The topics covered in the workshops such as developing a research question, using search strategies, distinguishing between primary and secondary sources, and ethical use of information are all crucial to research and I think the workshops will be very beneficial to students. I’m excited to see the workshops being held in the spring 2023 semester and I encourage students to attend any or all of them. Best regards, Mark Green of

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