2019 Library Database and Journal Cancellations

In December, the Library notified faculty of our preliminary plans for database and journal cancellations for the coming fiscal year. This will mark the fifth consecutive year that the Library’s budget has been cut, and each cut necessitates increasingly significant cancellations for the Library and the faculty & students whom we support. Two years ago, … Continue reading 2019 Library Database and Journal Cancellations

In Celebration of the Launch of Nursing Communication and More…

A champagne reception was held today in the library atrium to celebrate the launch of a new open access, peer-reviewed research journal: Nursing Communication, edited by our esteemed faculty member Bryan B. Whaley and published by, drum roll please, the Gleeson Library | Geschke Center! Yes, the library is officially launching digital publishing support service … Continue reading In Celebration of the Launch of Nursing Communication and More…

Farewell, Kathy

Eric Ewen, Head of Cataloging, wrote the following piece on the recent retirement of Kathy Woo, Head of Acquisitions. Our beloved colleague Kathleen Ann Magri Woo joined the Gleeson Library as an assistant cataloger at precisely 9:00 A.M. on Tuesday, September 3, 1974.  On the ecclesiastical calendar it was the Feast of St. Gregory the … Continue reading Farewell, Kathy

Dark Cloud Over Academic Freedom

“Recently, the Education Department issued a controversial ‘blueprint’ for dealing with sexual harassment that could expose colleges that follow it to First Amendment lawsuits and redefine every flirtation and request to go out on a date as potential sexual harassment. It rejects decades of court rulings by declaring that any unwelcome speech or conduct of … Continue reading Dark Cloud Over Academic Freedom

Wikipedia’s Women Problem

James Gleick reports on “Wikipedia’s Women Problem” in the New York Review of Books: There is consternation at Wikipedia over the discovery that hundreds of novelists who happen to be female were being systematically removed from the category “American novelists” and assigned to the category “American women novelists.” … The word that came to mind … was … Continue reading Wikipedia’s Women Problem