The 2021 Gleeson Library Scholarship Roundup

The 2021 academic year was filled with exciting and stressful events. We remained nimble in delivering library services to the campus community amidst the fluctuating pandemic environment, while also pursuing scholarly activities. Let’s take a moment to recognize and congratulate our Gleeson Library faculty and staff colleagues on their impressive scholarly work from 2021. To … Continue reading The 2021 Gleeson Library Scholarship Roundup

O’Reilly for Higher Education: A Closer Look

You might know O’Reilly books from their series with the animals on the covers. The O’Reilly for Higher Education platform offers all of the O’Reilly publications as well as a wide range of titles from other publishers, all in electronic form. They also offer video lectures and tutorials and structured learning paths. It covers topics such as business, data science, all things computer-related including certification prep, and hobbies.

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