Get the score on sports resources at Gleeson

Hey, sport! During a recent reference desk shift, a researcher in the library asked me for statistics about badminton participation. I happily recommended the Sports Market Analytics database (previously known as SBRNet).

SMA gathers in-depth analytics on both professional and hobby sports: market share, demographics, venue reports, and trade publications. Although it focuses on the United States, some sports have international data as well. When I walk in Golden Gate Park, I often see a group of people playing badminton. How big a market are they participating in? Check it out: the sport of badminton engendered a 11.5 million dollar market in 2012.

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A Primary Source for Black History

Newspapers can be powerful agents of social change and newspapers can contain powerful primary sources for historical research. The Chicago Defender is powerful in both these ways, and is a great resource to check out when celebrating Black History Month. Under the direction of its founder, Robert S. Abbott, and his successor, John H. Sengstacke, The Defender brought focus to … Continue reading A Primary Source for Black History

Faculty Periodicals Borrowing

Faculty can now check out bound and unbound periodicals. In addition to bound periodicals, unbound periodicals will now circulate to faculty members only. Newspapers and current issues of magazines will not circulate. The Periodicals Unit will no longer be checking out bound or unbound periodicals. Faculty can check out their bound or unbound periodicals at … Continue reading Faculty Periodicals Borrowing

The eCard from the San Francisco Public Library – updated

Update: Penny Scott has alerted us that SFPL’s eCard program has been suspended due to electronic vendor licensing agreements. See Penny’s comment #5 below. — Debbie B. The San Francisco Public Library has introduced a new kind of library card. They call it their eCard and any California resident can register on their website for … Continue reading The eCard from the San Francisco Public Library – updated