A Primary Source for Black History

Newspapers can be powerful agents of social change and newspapers can contain powerful primary sources for historical research. The Chicago Defender is powerful in both these ways, and is a great resource to check out when celebrating Black History Month. Under the direction of its founder, Robert S. Abbott, and his successor, John H. Sengstacke, The Defender brought focus to … Continue reading A Primary Source for Black History

Stats to back that up

While I was waiting for the bus to come to work at the USF Library this morning, I noticed the front page of today’s Examiner proclaimed, “Sky-high rents: SF tops the nation for median prices.” Naturally I plucked a copy from the newsstand and perused the article; anecdotally we all know it is nearly impossible … Continue reading Stats to back that up

Gale Databases – Global Outage

Several Gale databases (including Gale Virtual Reference Library, Opposing Viewpoints and Literature Resource Center) are temporarily unavailable because of a global service outage. Gale is working on resolving the issue, but has not provided an estimate of when service will be restored. Here are some suggestions of other online resources to use during this outage: … Continue reading Gale Databases – Global Outage

New! Text A Librarian

Quick, save this number in your phone or scan this QR code! Start your text with the word: gleeson Example: gleeson  What are the library hours on saturday? (after your first message to us, you don’t have to use the word gleeson any more). Give it a shot and send us a text—we would love … Continue reading New! Text A Librarian