Congressional Testimony Mashup!

Check this out: it’s a new opera called “The Gonzales Cantata” based on the testimony of Alberto Gonzales, the former U.S. attorney general, before the Senate Judiciary Committee.  Here’s a trailer of the opera, featuring Gonzales’ quote, “I don’t recall”: [youtube=–g] See a webcast of the actual hearing at For a brief interview of … Continue reading Congressional Testimony Mashup!

Hathi Trust Digital Library

This is pretty nifty. Hathi Trust is a digital repository of materials being scanned at research libraries. (Hathi is the Hindi word for “elephant.”) You can get the fulltext of out-of-copyright books and government publications. I found examples of old government documents with fulltext in Hathi Trust, but not in Google nor Google Books. I’ll be using this a … Continue reading Hathi Trust Digital Library

Constitution Day

Have you hugged your Constitution today? September 17th is Constitution Day, a day to commemorate the September 17, 1787 signing of the Constitution. I like to think of it as a day to reflect upon and celebrate the rights we have thanks to the U.S. Constitution. Take a minute to look at our Constitution Day online guide, and maybe … Continue reading Constitution Day

Do Mandrakes Really Scream? (and other online government documents!)

Starting immediately the library’s catalog, Ignacio, will include records that link to online U.S. government documents that are not distributed in print. This is a critical new service for USF because the U.S. government is increasingly distributing information solely online, and discovering these documents can be very difficult without the help of a catalog. The … Continue reading Do Mandrakes Really Scream? (and other online government documents!)