The Hidden Web

Suppose you have to write a paper for school and you’re ready to start doing your research. The obvious place to start is Google, right? But here’s a question for you: When you use a search engine like Google, Yahoo, or Bing, are you searching the entire web? If not, then, are you at least searching … Continue reading The Hidden Web

The USF Seed Library

The USF Seed Library is officially open! It’s fun and easy. Borrow some seeds, grow some produce, and perhaps collect and dry a few seeds for your next garden, and (optional) bring some back to donate to the library.  More details are available at Gleeson’s USF Seed Library page. . The USF Seed Library is a joint project of the USF … Continue reading The USF Seed Library


Gleeson Library|Geschke Learning Resource Center is pleased to welcome you to the new library blog. Visit here or sign up for the RSS feed as a way to keep up-to-date on the latest information about library resources, events and other news. Please use the comments as a way to give us feedback or ask questions … Continue reading Welcome