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Spring 2023

Explore our Spring 2023 issue and meet the team behind the scenes.

Comics in the Margins: Going Beyond Mainstream Storytelling with Jenifer Wofford

By: Christin Huntsman Jenifer Wofford walked into her Comics in the Margins classroom at the University of San Francisco, carrying a plastic USPS tote filled with past illustrations. Her black motorcycle helmet and jacket were strewn across a small paint-splattered… Continue Reading →

Fire at a Place of Refuge: A Physical, Emotional Void Remains in Pittsburg

By: Yvette Ramirez It was early morning on Friday May 27, 2022. I consider myself to be a heavy sleeper. The only thing that wakes me up from my slumber is being shaken. I woke up to someone shaking me…. Continue Reading →

They Each Give Me Dreams: The SF Mission’s Newspapers, Nonprofits, and Neighbors

By: Jacob Liechty The morning fog intensified into a dripping haze, engulfing the umbrella of Carolina’s tamal stand, where she shepherds a side-street corner in the Mission District of San Francisco. The sun barely rising, a four-door car rolled up… Continue Reading →

Sweet Story: Inside Historic Preston’s Candy and Ice Cream

By: Hannah Lahey It was 11:01 a.m. on a Saturday in late September, and Preston’s Candy and Ice Cream had just opened for business. As soon as the sign on the front door was flipped, a man peeked his head… Continue Reading →

The Kairos Retreat: Addressing Struggles Within The Collective

By: Paul Wilhite Richard Alvia, assistant director of Retreats and Ignatian Student Formation, told me it would be an extraordinary experience for me to go to a University Ministry-led retreat called Kairos. It would be one where University of San… Continue Reading →

How to Start A Revolution: Studying Nonviolence with Dr. Stephen Zunes

By: Rachel Knowles A professor at the University of San Francisco by day, Dr. Stephen Zunes spends every other second shedding light on human rights atrocities. In between teaching graduate courses, Zunes is often found at his desk, behind a… Continue Reading →

A Journey Through Tribulation: Human Rights Lawyer & Professor Olivier Bercault

By: Mary Kate Tankard When Olivier Bercault woke up in the hospital, he knew before the nurse told him that he had lost his leg. In the days before, Bercault’s friends and family filed somberly in and out of his… Continue Reading →

1951 Coffee Co.: A Place for Refugee Empowerment and Compassion

By: Adrian Laudani “Hi, what can I get you?” Doug Hewitt, co-founder of 1951 Coffee Company, stands behind the cafe counter on a late-September morning ready to take the order of a UC Berkeley college student. As 1951 Coffee is… Continue Reading →

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