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Winter 2022

Explore our Winter 2022 issue. Meet the students behind the scenes of our latest issue.

A Refugee’s Journey From School to Prison, and Back to School

Somdeng “Danny” Thongsy never imagined he’d one day be a student at the University of California, Berkeley. Not after overcoming the many obstacles he faced as a formerly incarcerated Southeast Asian refugee. “Even to this day, I think about all… Continue Reading →

Breaking Social Norms in Burkina Faso

During Ouagadougou’s rainy season, it is a warrior’s task to get to the periphery of Burkina Faso’s capital city to the neighborhood of Toudbweogo. There are no roads, running water or electricity. Here, houses are built in mud and in an… Continue Reading →

A Latina Immigrant’s Journey of Empowerment

Mirna Ruiz’s fierce red lipstick was a telling symbol. It matched her assertive self description: “I am a brave Latina immigrant woman fighting for justice,” she said, as we opened our zoom interview at the end of her long workday…. Continue Reading →

Leaning in to Beauty: Reflections on Bird Declines and Climate Change in San Francisco and Beyond

On an overcast San Francisco day, Robert Ho and his birding partner, with cameras in hand, walked into the embrace of Golden Gate Park, the expansive strip of public land that stretches three miles from the middle of the peninsula… Continue Reading →

COVID Notebook: Revisiting the Summer of Civil Unrest: Not the American One, But the South African

It was the second Friday I spent under South Africa’s stay-at-home order due to a dramatic spike in Delta variant cases. It was the end to another week of taking Zoom and WhatsApp calls confined to the four walls of my apartment…. Continue Reading →

“Doing What I’d Already Be Doing”: A Young Vietnamese American Professor Explores His Identity While Building Community

In the hallway of the Ethnic Studies building at San Francisco State University, Philip Nguyen is chatting up a colleague in Vietnamese while holding a heavy book in hand. It was his first time back at work since the pandemic… Continue Reading →

COVID Notebook: My Uncomfortably Luxurious Return to Pandemic Concerts with Tame Impala

The bright lights flicker before a video message from a questionable doctor displays on the giant screen. The doctor, perhaps from an inverted, utopian universe, instructs the crowd in a robotic voice about the effects of a substance called “Rushium.”… Continue Reading →

At a Cooperative in Chilón, Mexico, Selling Honey Isn’t Just Tradition – It’s a Way Out of Poverty

The moon is still hanging full above the Southern Mexican city of Chilón when Victor Manuel Lopez Jimenez unlocks the cooperative’s heavy metal door to check the colmenas, or hives in English. By seven in the morning other co-op members begin to… Continue Reading →

Abuelito Had No Other Choice: A Personal Story of Health and Labor Injustices for Immigrant Farmworkers

My grandfather’s wife and children never expected him to survive when a 1,700 pound cherry picker collapsed on his spine while harvesting walnuts. He plummeted multiple stories to the earth, where he should have met his death. Though he outlasted… Continue Reading →

One Development Worker’s Fight Against Famine in Southern Madagascar

In his newly established office, Christian Marcel Ratianarivo is surrounded by white walls and sits in an uncluttered desk with nothing but a laptop, pen, and notepad. After spending much of his career in other regions of Madagascar, he is… Continue Reading →

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