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Leaning in to Beauty: Reflections on Bird Declines and Climate Change in San Francisco and Beyond

On an overcast San Francisco day, Robert Ho and his birding partner, with cameras in hand, walked into the embrace of Golden Gate Park, the expansive strip of public land that stretches three miles from the middle of the peninsula… Continue Reading →

As Berlin’s Grassroots Organizations Step Up to Support Refugees, German “Wilkommenkultur” Offers a Humanizing Approach

“Mo-thur?” Ali questions, his eyebrows knitted together in doubt. “Mother,” I repeat slowly and we laugh at the difference in pronunciation. It’s a warm summer evening in July 2019 and Ali, in halting English, is telling me about his family… Continue Reading →

At a Cooperative in Chilón, Mexico, Selling Honey Isn’t Just Tradition – It’s a Way Out of Poverty

The moon is still hanging full above the Southern Mexican city of Chilón when Victor Manuel Lopez Jimenez unlocks the cooperative’s heavy metal door to check the colmenas, or hives in English. By seven in the morning other co-op members begin to… Continue Reading →

Abuelito Had No Other Choice: A Personal Story of Health and Labor Injustices for Immigrant Farmworkers

My grandfather’s wife and children never expected him to survive when a 1,700 pound cherry picker collapsed on his spine while harvesting walnuts. He plummeted multiple stories to the earth, where he should have met his death. Though he outlasted… Continue Reading →

One Development Worker’s Fight Against Famine in Southern Madagascar

In his newly established office, Christian Marcel Ratianarivo is surrounded by white walls and sits in an uncluttered desk with nothing but a laptop, pen, and notepad. After spending much of his career in other regions of Madagascar, he is… Continue Reading →

From a Hashtag to a Global Movement: How #EndSARS Became Nigeria’s Rallying Call For Justice

It was around 6:45pm- on the evening of October 20- when a group of armed military vehicles made their way to the Lekki Toll Gate in Lagos, Nigeria and opened fire on a crowd of civilians. They were peaceful protesters… Continue Reading →

A Woman, a Union, and a Bakery: The Tartine Drive of 2020

The Tartine bakery in San Francisco is famous for its Instagrammable morning buns and lines around the block. Pop music drums play as customers sip matcha lattes. The bakery, nestled on the corner of Guerrero Street and 18th Avenue in the Mission… Continue Reading →

Safe Injection Sites aren’t the end for San Francisco. They’re only the beginning

My brother died for a few seconds– just long enough for his heart to stop beating, and just long enough for him to be literally beaten back to life. He was one of many drug users in America– a future… Continue Reading →

Vandalism and Violence: Lobster troubles in Saint Mary’s Bay

Violence and intimidation are reaping havoc in the usually sleepy southwest corner of Nova Scotia, Canada. Last fall an angry mob of over 200 commercial fishermen encircled a lobster pound, a facility, which was rented to both Mi’kmaw and commercial… Continue Reading →

“Say thank you to the High Priest”: Perspectives from an outsider participating in a Beninese Vodun ceremony

My day started like many in Benin: hot, sweaty, and slightly confused. I had time off that week and had decided to travel south in order to explore more of the country, catch up with some fellow Peace Corps volunteers,… Continue Reading →

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