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Fire at a Place of Refuge: A Physical, Emotional Void Remains in Pittsburg

By: Yvette Ramirez It was early morning on Friday May 27, 2022. I consider myself to be a heavy sleeper. The only thing that wakes me up from my slumber is being shaken. I woke up to someone shaking me…. Continue Reading →

They Each Give Me Dreams: The SF Mission’s Newspapers, Nonprofits, and Neighbors

By: Jacob Liechty The morning fog intensified into a dripping haze, engulfing the umbrella of Carolina’s tamal stand, where she shepherds a side-street corner in the Mission District of San Francisco. The sun barely rising, a four-door car rolled up… Continue Reading →

Sweet Story: Inside Historic Preston’s Candy and Ice Cream

By: Hannah Lahey It was 11:01 a.m. on a Saturday in late September, and Preston’s Candy and Ice Cream had just opened for business. As soon as the sign on the front door was flipped, a man peeked his head… Continue Reading →

The Kairos Retreat: Addressing Struggles Within The Collective

By: Paul Wilhite Richard Alvia, assistant director of Retreats and Ignatian Student Formation, told me it would be an extraordinary experience for me to go to a University Ministry-led retreat called Kairos. It would be one where University of San… Continue Reading →

COVID Notebook: Revisiting the Summer of Civil Unrest: Not the American One, But the South African

It was the second Friday I spent under South Africa’s stay-at-home order due to a dramatic spike in Delta variant cases. It was the end to another week of taking Zoom and WhatsApp calls confined to the four walls of my apartment…. Continue Reading →

COVID Notebook: My Uncomfortably Luxurious Return to Pandemic Concerts with Tame Impala

The bright lights flicker before a video message from a questionable doctor displays on the giant screen. The doctor, perhaps from an inverted, utopian universe, instructs the crowd in a robotic voice about the effects of a substance called “Rushium.”… Continue Reading →

International Student Challenges During the COVID-19 Pandemic

January 27, 2020. Location: My dorm room, University of San Francisco main campus. I woke up early to make sure everything was in place. Ready, set….9:00 am….and go! I busily typed to press send on my registration. One of my heroes,… Continue Reading →

Ich habe ein problem: Reflections on Abandoning Berlin in a Pandemic

MARCH 16 Even bundled up in my knee-length coat, the freezing rain and wind cut through my jeans as I waited for the S-Bahn on the darkened platform in Berlin. Commuting home from classes at Freie Universitat took me two… Continue Reading →

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