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Comics in the Margins: Going Beyond Mainstream Storytelling with Jenifer Wofford

By: Christin Huntsman Jenifer Wofford walked into her Comics in the Margins classroom at the University of San Francisco, carrying a plastic USPS tote filled with past illustrations. Her black motorcycle helmet and jacket were strewn across a small paint-splattered… Continue Reading →

How to Start A Revolution: Studying Nonviolence with Dr. Stephen Zunes

By: Rachel Knowles A professor at the University of San Francisco by day, Dr. Stephen Zunes spends every other second shedding light on human rights atrocities. In between teaching graduate courses, Zunes is often found at his desk, behind a… Continue Reading →

A Journey Through Tribulation: Human Rights Lawyer & Professor Olivier Bercault

By: Mary Kate Tankard When Olivier Bercault woke up in the hospital, he knew before the nurse told him that he had lost his leg. In the days before, Bercault’s friends and family filed somberly in and out of his… Continue Reading →

1951 Coffee Co.: A Place for Refugee Empowerment and Compassion

By: Adrian Laudani “Hi, what can I get you?” Doug Hewitt, co-founder of 1951 Coffee Company, stands behind the cafe counter on a late-September morning ready to take the order of a UC Berkeley college student. As 1951 Coffee is… Continue Reading →

A Refugee’s Journey From School to Prison, and Back to School

Somdeng “Danny” Thongsy never imagined he’d one day be a student at the University of California, Berkeley. Not after overcoming the many obstacles he faced as a formerly incarcerated Southeast Asian refugee. “Even to this day, I think about all… Continue Reading →

Breaking Social Norms in Burkina Faso

During Ouagadougou’s rainy season, it is a warrior’s task to get to the periphery of Burkina Faso’s capital city to the neighborhood of Toudbweogo. There are no roads, running water or electricity. Here, houses are built in mud and in an… Continue Reading →

A Latina Immigrant’s Journey of Empowerment

Mirna Ruiz’s fierce red lipstick was a telling symbol. It matched her assertive self description: “I am a brave Latina immigrant woman fighting for justice,” she said, as we opened our zoom interview at the end of her long workday…. Continue Reading →

“Doing What I’d Already Be Doing”: A Young Vietnamese American Professor Explores His Identity While Building Community

In the hallway of the Ethnic Studies building at San Francisco State University, Philip Nguyen is chatting up a colleague in Vietnamese while holding a heavy book in hand. It was his first time back at work since the pandemic… Continue Reading →

The View From Inside: An Engaged Perspective on the Pitfalls of Aid in Guatemala

The first time I met Stephany Giron Roncal was in a health clinic in the western highlands of Guatemala. She walked up the creaky stairs to the dim lit attic on the third floor of the clinic in San Pablo… Continue Reading →

‘Today Birds, Tomorrow People’: Huang Shu-mei’s Hakka activism to conserve nature and culture in Taiwan

When one imagines an environmental activist, a freshly minted English teacher might not immediately come to mind. Nonetheless, when Huang Shu-mei began her first job teaching at Gongliao middle school in New Taipei City, Taiwan, she found herself suddenly in… Continue Reading →

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