Nadia Almusleh

Nadia AlmuslehA first-generation American born to immigrant parents from Mexico and Palestine, Nadia’s research examines Middle Eastern politics, human and women’s rights, and refugee displacement.

Brian Andersen

Brian AndersenBrian Andersen, Coverdell Fellow and former mountain guide, is a second-year MA in International Studies student at USF whose research focuses on how to harness outdoor recreation as an economic development and conservation tool.

Ana Karen Barragán

Ana Karen BarragánAna Karen is an international graduate student from Puebla, Mexico currently completing her MA in international studies at the University of San Francisco. Her field of study is social justice activism in Jesuit Higher Education and its global networks. Currently, she is a graduate assistant for the Arrupe Initiatives at USF and a member of the International Association of Jesuit Universities communications team.

Paolo Bicchieri

Paolo BicchieriPaolo Bicchieri is a journalist, poet, novelist, and MA in International Studies graduate student at USF whose work focuses on amplifying counter-narration through economic opportunity and capital redistribution. His work can be found in Ghost City Press, Nomadic Press, Resource Publishing, Eater SF, and SFWeekly.

Stuart Blackwell

Stuart BlackwellStuart Blackwell is a community-focused researcher and journalist currently completing his MA in International Studies at USF, and due to graduate in May 2021.

Blair Braxton

Blair BraxtonBlair received her undergraduate degree in criminal justice from the University of Cincinnati and is currently completing her MA in international studies at the University of San Francisco. Her graduate research explores the media depictions of refugees and asylum seekers during the EU refugee crisis by examining UK news coverage. Blair enjoys cooking, watching documentaries and listening to French music.

Serena Calcagno

Serena CalcagnoSerena is currently a graduate student pursuing an MA in Asia Pacific studies at the University of San Francisco., where she investigates citizen science, the data it produces, and the relationship between local communities and the environmental state in Taiwan. She was previously a Fulbright ETA in Southern Taiwan before returning to California to teach as a park ranger at the Angel Island Immigration Station.

Maia Earnshaw

Maia EarnshawMaia is a Canadian graduate student currently completing her MA in international studies at the University of San Francisco. Her research explores the implications of wildlife trafficking on conservation efforts in Nigeria and Cameroon. Specifically she examines how the media’s construction of the poacher has prompted more militarized and violent conservation initiatives in both countries.

Marisa Mathó

Marisa MathóMarisa is a senior undergraduate majoring in international studies at the University of San Francisco, with an interest in bioeconomy, international affairs, and sustainable development. She loves to learn about the world and is an accidental empanada connoisseur.