Class Discussion 3/24


How would you characterize Minga Peru’s use of a radio program (Bienvenida Salud) to help the indigenous people in Peruvian Amazon?


I think the use of the radio program was an amazing way to reach people potentially going through difficult situations. It is an accessible way of communication that her listeners can use as a tool to navigate ways to deal with real-life situations. It also opens up discussions about issues that they probably wouldn’t talk about regularly.

February 18 Class discussion

Rhea and Halimat

It helps disrupt mainstream politics because it calls to action for people to stand up against the unfair justice system.

Being a neutral form of expression, it is easily understandable which brings people together to take action.

The usage of the English language and the cultural language in the art allowed people from all over the world to see what the message they are trying to send across is.

When the government tried to paint over the graffiti, about 24 hours later would find the art back up, it was a disruption because they know they have no power over it.

The cultural ideologies of people in the lower class not being able to contribute to the community was disrupted because through the expression of art, they were able to rally people in the community, send messages to the people in power and gain an audience from people across the world.

February 11th discussion post

Halimat and Cherissa

  1. The shoes are extremely cute. They are chipmunk and when inquired, she said that it was from a cartoon called Chip and Dale.
  2. Shoes were gotten in Singapore (2018) she remembers because she got a pair of Donald and Daisy pair for her sister.
  3. She got these pairs because they were the only ones that had black and she likes mustard.
  4. Her friend introduced her to the brand, although a bit expensive they are very comfy.
  5. They are the only pair of comfy girly flats I have in San Fran so I need to get some shoes.
  6. Both pairs cost about 100 Singapore dollars
  7. They remind of home and takes me back to the store. The person who sold the shoes was very nice. She was very patient.
  8. My friend broke up with her boyfriend and wanted to go shopping so that’s how I ended up with two pairs.
  9. My sister and I wear them together. Her’s is worn out because she wears it all the time.
  10. I didn’t know these shoes had so much history until this conversation.

The shoes reminded me of Alvin and the Chipmunk. It connected to my experience in that it brought up memories from when I was younger and time spent family and friends. It also made me realize how far I’ve come in life.

February 4- Class discussion

Halimat, Rhea

It is important to not make assumptions and avoid stereotypes.

When curious about a topic, one should ask and listen effectively to the people in the community.

Get your information from a primary source and not focus too much on the information from the media. Do your research.

Inquire how people community interact and take an individualistic approach to talk to the people by reciprocating their style of communication.

Establish your position in a new conversation (An example could be stating that you’re not from the community but you would like to learn).

Be careful not to judge or compare their stories to yours. It is important to not make them seem like a victim.



Hello friends. My name is Halimat and I am from Bronx, New York. I love performing, writing poetry and soccer. My favorite color is red. I aspire to work in the media industry so you may see me on the big screen someday. I like getting to meet new people and hear their stories. I am interested in fashion, seeing the world and advocating for children’s rights. Say hi, I would love to chat 🙂

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