March 9, 2018

Gun Control: Wikipedia Search | Hector Bustos

Gun control is an extremely controversial topic within the United States today because there is a lot of disagreement on whether or not a 19 year old should have access to a semi automatic assault rifle otherwise known as a weapon of war. Wikipedia is not the most reliable source when doing research on such a controversial topic because the public has access to this informational site. The high volumes of anonymous sources change the way that I evaluate its contents. There are many right wing conservative groups that fear the liberals are trying to take away their guns, but in reality no one is trying to take away the guns you already own, if you bought them legally and went through an extensive background check. There may be some who have a super biased view that might contribute to this wikipedia source so that others will agree with them as well.

The pros of using wikipedia compared to a more traditional research source is that it is a lot faster and you can find the answer to a question fairly quick, but the con to that is the content may not always be fully accurate because the public has access and can edit any information within the site. Wikipedia is a great source but should be used responsibly and should not be your only source for information.

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