March 26, 2018

Critiquing Education | Hector BustosĀ 

Living in a working class family with a single mom as the head of the house, I faced many challenges growing up. My mom was constantly working and was always out of the house. Spanish was my first language because both my mother and grandmother only speak Spanish. I always had trouble completing my homework because there were problems that I did not understand and I had no one to answer my questions at home because no one was able to even read the question. As a result, I would be punished at school the next day by my teacher because my homework was incomplete. She would make me sit in class during recess and finish all of the problems that I did not complete, only then would I have the opportunity to ask questions. It was difficult to explain to my teacher the circumstances that I faced at home because I felt as if she would not be able to understand me.

Years later, as a senior in High School I had a lot to figure out on my own. As the first person in my entire family including all of my cousins to attend college, there were a lot of questions I had that no one had the answer to. A lot of my family was unable to attend college because of the financial burden that came with attending a university. So this made my college application process quite difficult. After choosing to attend USF and starting my first semester in college I realized that a lot of what USF says it stands for isn’t necessarily followed through entirely. There were many instances during my first month at USF where I felt like an outsider because there weren’t many members of the hispanic community that I knew and interacted with. In my classrooms, there were topics that affected people of color that weren’t being discussed. One of these major issues was the Trump administration’s decision to repeal DACA. This was a topic that affected many members of the Latinx community but it was not discussed in any of my classes. As a politics major, I expected to have some sort of conversation during class, but that did not occur. This just shows that many of the problems and issues that people of color have to face are swept under the rug in hopes that another issue arises and it is forgotten. More people have to learn about the issues that people of color have to face every day because of the instituionalized racism within our country. Ignorance is no longer acceptable.

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