April 9, 2018

Why major in Politics? | Karla & Hector

  • Everyone is affected by politics/certain policies
  • Every country has some sort of government in place
    • Issues: social, economic, justice, inequalities, etc
  • Interesting topics
    • Learn about different countries and their issues and how each government responds to these issues
  • Can pursue many careers with this major
    • Law, Government, Education, etc


  • Professor Interviews
  • Footage of elected officials
  • Resources for the department

Work Division Plans

Hector: Shoot Footage (interviews with professors that teach this major, friends or seniors who have taken this major, or professionals with this major), Editing Footage, work on transcript, look for music (sounds)

Karla: Shoot Footage, Research Resources (available sources from your program’s or department’s website), work on transcript, look for music (sounds)

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